Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

With the advent of blockchain technology, new projects began to appear massively. Ideas are often used old, but due to the crypto industry, they are improved. A vivid example of this is social networks. In them, people spend a lot of time, and in return they get nothing. Now you can fix it.

Earnings in a mobile application (similar to Instagram) is simple, just download a special program to your smartphone, chat, post interesting photos, posts and get tokens for all this, which are displayed on different payment systems or in popular cryptocurrency.

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

What is WhatsAround?

A new mobile application is much like Instagram, only here are user actions are paid. It is ideal for people with a lively lifestyle, which is always something to share. At the heart of the project is the blockchain, which makes it safe and decentralized.

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

Now the blockchain is used in many areas. It was used as a basis for development - an analogue of YouTube, where you can also receive rewards. Registration for WhatsAround is open for everyone, the application is convenient and simple , and the money earned can be received in the form of either ordinary money or cryptocurrency, or in the form of coupons for popular sites.

For what you can get a reward?

Soon social mining will become much more popular, we will forget that once the content was laid out for free and nothing was charged for likes. With the WhatsAround app, you can earn money by uploading your photos, in addition, rewards also come for likes and comments.

In general, the payment goes for almost any activity. You can write comments, discover new places, when you are bookmarked and more. In the application, you will receive your own wallet, funds in local currency will be credited there, it can be withdrawn in various ways.

Downloading the application and registering for WhatsAround

The first thing to do is to register on the site Whatsaround. com. You can simply log in via Facebook. Then you will be prompted to download the application, there is a version for iOS and Android. Download and login with the same data that you entered to register on the site:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

After entering the bottom panel, click the last icon, then the menu button (three dots) and go to edit profile. There will be a large form, it is necessary to fill it:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

Be sure to check the phone number and load the avatar. Now you can put the first post, do not bother much, it can be anything:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

For filling out the questionnaire you will already receive 12 coins, one more for the new post, a total of 13 coins have already been collected. This is only the beginning, but you will have to be very active and promote your account in order to receive a lot of coins.

How to quickly and earn a lot with WhatsAround?

To do this, you need to post a lot of posts, be active on other people's pages, achieve popularity. There is one tricky way to get coins faster. You can quickly dial a rating in the system buying WoW. At least once a day, buy hundreds of these coins and you will receive 5 experience points:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

The fact is that much depends on the level. For example, at the first level, for each received WoW, about 0. 01 $ is paid, and if you reach level 4, the reward will be 0. 1 $ . Reaching the level 6 bonus will be already $ 2, then more. In parallel with this, do not forget to be active. There is also an affiliate program:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

In a special section of the application there is a link for attracting referrals. According to the conditions, coins are awarded in the equivalent of $ 5 for each registration. Moreover, this sum is received by both the referrer and the user invited by him.

How to raise the level in WhatsAround?

In order to make good money on WhatsAround, you need to increase the ranking. Above is a tricky scheme for a quick level increase. In addition, you can more actively perform the following actions :

  • go to the application as often as possible and scatter likes (you can put 100 likes every half hour);
  • subscribe to others users, here, as in Instagram, it’s customary to subscribe in return;
  • share some interesting content daily, it could be anything, photos, videos, online broadcasting;
  • good awards and points rankings come for activity when writing comments;
  • when you post entries, set them to ulyarnye hashtags, now the most famous is #WoW;
  • make friends and invite your friends, share huskies, help each other to unwind accounts.

The more time you spend on a social network, you will quickly raise the level. Put likes, share photos, leave comments and subscribe to other users daily before the limits.

Withdrawing money with WhatsAround

A huge audience of users have already made sure that the project is fair and consistently paying. The application of foreign, Russian language is not, as well as usual for Runet methods of output. You can order certificates for such stores as Amazon, there is PayPal here, but judging by the reviews, there are problems with transfers to accounts created in the CIS countries:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

Therefore, it is recommended to receive payments in Ethereum. It is easy to exchange for fiatnye money through the cryptocurrency exchange. For example, register on Exmo and in the "Wallets" section you can choose the replenishment of the ETH card:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

Here you will receive an address where you can receive WhatsAround It looks like this:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

Then you can create an order to conduct a transaction with other users, or simply select the "Exchange" section and get rubles for Ethers or dollars:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

In the same section "Wallet" opposite the ruble and dollar bill there is a button for output. Click on it and choose where you will transfer funds:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

Thus, the easiest way to get real money, and even not have to register a purse for cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that the money withdraws in about a couple of days.

Reviews of WhatsAround

On the foreign Internet there are a lot more reviews about the application, in Runet they also have almost all positive ones. There is even a couple on Otzovik’s popular website and tampusers share their successes:

Earnings with the WhatsAround application on the phone

There are many questions left about the application. How likes are estimated when they add Russian, a convenient conclusion for users from the CIS. In any case, WhatsAround is now working and paying consistently.

Previously, entertainment sites were paid, then they were made free. Increasing competition forces developers to go further and offer rewards to users. If the WhatsAround application manages to unwind to a huge scale, it will be another popular social network. And due to the activity payment system, the project has all the chances for development.

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