Earnings with the company My Deal for 300 rubles per customer

Financial and business traffic is a valuable product on the Internet. To convert it with maximum benefit, you need to find the best affiliate program.

Now there are a lot of offers, however, the conditions are different everywhere. It is advisable to cooperate with proven and large companies, such as.

This company is not the first year engaged in outsourcing, helps to register LLC and FE , provides advice and a number of other services.

For a modern entrepreneur, this is simply an indispensable tool. And for those who have sites with suitable traffic, an affiliate program has been developed.

Earnings with the company My Deal for 300 rubles per customer

Profitable cooperation with My Business

This company is ready to pay for each partner or client registration. Given the favorable conditions of the affiliate program and the demand for their services, finding customers is not difficult. This can be done by any means, starting with social networks and ending with advertising through teaser or banner networks.

All types of traffic sources are suitable for earning, only explicit spam is prohibited.

After registering, in your personal account you will receive banners and regular links to attract users. Conveniently, there is a form for creating affiliate links to any page of the site. In the main section of the personal account there is a button for generating the URL of the address:

Earnings with the company My Deal for 300 rubles per customer

This tool helps to talk about the individual services of the company and direct people to the landing pages. For example, you can create an affiliate link to go to the price list with prices:

Earnings with the company My Deal for 300 rubles per customer

Partners receive a host of other useful tools for maximum traffic conversion. There are several other Landing formats to choose from, they will also be suitable for attracting customers for certain services:

Earnings with the company My Deal for 300 rubles per customer

Another important point is the detailed statistics in your account. You can view the data on the leads or go to the general web statistics. It shows how many payments were made, how much money was earned, what percentage of confirmation of leads and other information:

Earnings with the company My Deal for 300 rubles per customer

Please note that only high-quality registrations are paid (if the actual data are filled and the operators have checked the contact data). You will attract customers or partners, in any case, it is profitable.

How much can you earn with My Business?

Income is not limited by anything, you will receive exactly as much as you earn. 300 rubles are paid for the attracted client, and if you invite a partner, you will receive 400 rubles. We have already told you where to get the necessary links, now we will present some important points of the affiliate program:

  • 3 referral levels are valid;
  • if the referral has drawn 50 people, it is charged 500 rubles;
  • for registration of second-level partners pay 30 rubles;
  • 500 rubles each pay for paid tariffs by customers invited by a level 1 referral;
  • 10 rubles is charged when referral partner is attracted by level 2 partner;
  • if the partner attracted by level 2 pays the tariff, 250 rubles are charged;
  • for 5 rubles each comes registered referrals under the 3rd line;
  • for paid tariffs by customers invited by 3rd level partners pay 100 rubles.

It seems that everything is too complicated, in fact, you will understand the reward system for a couple of days. Although it is not necessary to do this, invite new partners and customers - make a profit. It is displayed on Yandex. Money and Webmoney with a minimum threshold of 3,000 rubles.

Not only webmasters can take advantage of the offer to make money with My Business, some conditions are prepared for regional representatives and banks.

Earn money with My Business honestly, the organizers are carefully monitoring this. Any cheating, spamming and use of the brand in the headers leads to a profile ban.

It is better not to try to use gray schemes, you still will not receive money, but also lose a profitable tool for working on the Internet.

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