Earnings with the Babnik Affiliate Program

Internet users regularly visit adult sites, providing them with a lot of traffic.

Owners of adult sites receive serious deductions through advertising, offering paid services and affiliate programs. Huge money is spinning in this niche, and you can earn it without creating your own project.

The affiliate program works in the same way as the affiliate program and.

Users who want to chat in a video chat with pretty girls come to the Babnik website. For this they pay money, and if it is you who will attract them, then part of this money will be credited to your balance.

Earnings with the Babnik Affiliate Program

There is a similar video chat -

, where you can earn more, since the audience of users there is more from the west.

Earnings with the Babnik Affiliate Program

Many models are registered on this site, and for the convenience of searching for the interlocutor, various categories are offered. After switching to this resource, attractive images quickly drag people out , so the conversion is good:

Earnings with the Babnik Affiliate Program

Over 5000 webmasters have already been registered in this affiliate program, and for the last month, the most successful partner earned over $ 2000. You can secure such a profit for yourself by inviting not only viewers, but also models to the site.

How to make money on Babnik?

First of all, you can become a model and earn big money by conducting frank broadcasts. Secondly, you can earn good money by inviting new members. Registration is simple, and after its passage you will receive various promotional materials:

Earnings with the Babnik Affiliate Program

If your site does not exist, you can use the usual links. Where you will invite models, partners or webmasters is not important.

According to the rules, it is even allowed to use clickers (in particular, Wmmail). You can try to pay for sending letters, it is quite possible that someone will be interested in this and become a regular customer.

Use any means to invite a lot of people - social networks, mailings, motivated traffic, traffic arbitration. If you manage to assemble a large team, you will consistently receive passive deductions.

The Babnik Affiliate Program is a great opportunity to earn big money, and not only for site owners. Here are some other features of this affiliate program:

  • deductions come to partners for life;
  • customers spend 30% of the money spent;
  • 15% are paid from the income of partners;
  • 10% of model profits are paid;
  • separate links for models, partners and customers are offered. Whichever one of them passes a person, he is still assigned to you;
  • the minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 10;
  • payments are made on Mondays;
  • Webmoney is available for withdrawal , QIWI, Yandex. Money and other methods;
  • models are paid at least 60% of the income from the client.

Conditions are favorable for everyone, therefore, the project Womanizer can be considered one of the best for earning on the Internet.

At minimal cost, you can attract tens of thousands of new users to this site using the best mailers. Babnik allows motivated traffic.

You can not even doubt that you will manage to make money with the erotic video chat Babnik. For example, if you invite 100 customers who spend $ 100 to communicate with girls, you will be charged $ 3000 .

Good money, while you can not stop and invite more people, getting the maximum profit.

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