Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

Making money on the Internet is not so difficult if you use the simplest methods.

Each newbie has a wide range of services to work on the network, but the easiest way is to earn with cliques sponsors. Such systems offer to receive money for performing easy tasks and visiting sites.

Surely you have already heard about the popular Wmmail and Seosprint mailers. Both systems offer stable work on the Internet for beginners, but can not be limited to two systems. Earnings are just as easy, and thanks to this mailer you get access to even more easy tasks.

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

Earnings for newcomers to Ex-promo

To start, you need to go through the usual registration. By filling out a special form, you will receive a password:

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

During registration, you will have to read the rules, since you will need to answer a few questions. In general, registration takes a few minutes and after that, you can immediately start earning.

Earnings on viewing sites is the easiest, but it doesn’t bring so much money, so it’s better to use the task section.

Visiting sites for money is easy. In surfing, letters and tests you will see this list:

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

To open a resource, click on the colored circle (protection against robots). When the site opens, wait for the timer and after that enter the captcha:

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

In surfing you just need to browse the site, you need to read the text in letters and answer the question. In the tests you go to the site, and look for answers to several questions. All this is easy and even children earn on it.

Stable online earnings on assignments

Every day you can carry out small orders from advertisers and make good money on this. There are enough tasks for Ex-promo for daily execution. In the relevant section of the site you will find a list with many tasks:

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

As you can see, the payment can be very different, and it depends on how difficult it is to fulfill the requirements. You can learn them when opening a task:

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

Here is an example of a simple task where you need to register on the site. With this you will definitely cope, and in order for the advertiser to pay for the work, he will need to send a nickname (login).

In addition to such tasks, you may have requirements to watch a video, download some files, add friends in social networks, and lots of other minor tasks.

Using any way of earning on the Ex-promo, you can withdraw funds in several ways:

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

Wallets numbers are indicated in the profile, and the minimum amount for withdrawal depends on selected payment system.

Affiliate program on Ex-promo

You can work in this system not only on assignments, but also by attracting referrals. From the income of all invited participants you will receive a certain percentage. The amount of interest depends on your rating:

Earnings with Ex-promo on viewing ads

The more involved users are, the higher your income becomes. To increase their activity, use referral contests and help newcomers understand the system.

Clicking sponsor Ex-promo is not so popular and 25,000 people are registered on it. This is one of the best mailers to build a large referral network.

The Ex-promo service is actively gaining momentum and quite possibly competing with more popular counterparts (Wmmail and Seosprint). Try to use the system, everything works fine and there are quite a lot of profitable tasks.

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