Earnings Vkontakte through the promotion of the group

In my case I want to tell you how to make money on social networks. In general, it all started with the fact that I got into the hands of Damir Khalilov’s book about social media marketing. At that time I was busy looking for regular work, although I knew firsthand that people on the Internet earned a lot more.

That's the book itself.

Earnings Vkontakte through the promotion of the group

Do not think that I advertise, but I really liked it, and in it I drew the basic knowledge base. In general, I try not to read paper versions - in this area something new appears every day, so the information in paper versions is often irrelevant. In general, thanks to this book I decided to create my own group in VK.

Earnings Vkontakte through the promotion of the group

My understanding of social networks

Positive point - here you can share absolutely any information and it spreads with lightning speed by the users themselves. Accordingly, it is not necessary to spend a lot on promotion.

People see group posts in their news, and a person trusts more information from their subscriptions. Plus, community members can offer a lot of different things.

Negative moment - your group is not the only user subscription. In addition to her, in a person’s tape, a lot of different information from other publics, plus a person also “sticks” in movies and video clips, corresponds with someone, therefore, to get his attention, you need very interesting content.

Subjects of the group

My knowledge about SMM is infa of the above book. For deeper knowledge it was necessary to seriously engage in training. Plus, I had no idea where to take the content. There was no sense in writing texts myself either, so I began searching for offers that immediately provide content for social networks.

As a result, I stopped at an affiliate program promoting binary options from a broker. I was provided with ready texts, a cap, a logo and beautiful pictures. I tried to create pictures myself too - I designed all sorts of cool inscriptions that attract attention, plus I corresponded in the comments.

My creation:

Earnings Vkontakte through the promotion of the group

Earnings principle

So, working with you you make a profit for the attracted clients, while the charges go until the "your" trader trades. The amount of your profit is around 70%, that is, it is in your best interest to keep in touch with customers all the time.

I did this, constantly communicated with traders, set them up for further trading and even helped - provided trading strategies (a set of links with strategies were provided to me in affiliate program). In general, immediately write that they are ready to communicate in a personal and answer all questions.

Thus, already in 2 months I went out on my community to the following amount:

Earnings Vkontakte through the promotion of the group

Promotion of the group

Of course, the binary options theme is very specific, so I consulted with the affiliate managers a lot for promotion.

In August, I spent on the purchase of advertising posts in other communities on related topics: investments, financial trading, gambling, online profits, and various public men.

In small communities, it was possible to advertise about for 25 rubles. on the day , which allowed for a week to show advertising to all members of the community. At the same time, I looked for other communities, and over time, my articles, including funny pictures, began to repost.

Things have been going great since August 2016, and in the spring of 2017, problems started when the VC administration began to introduce new content placement rules, according to which binary options were forbidden to advertise.

Accordingly, my advertisement immediately "evaporated", and from the administrators of the groups received refusals to advertise - they were afraid to receive sanctions from VK.

It was necessary to have long conversations with technical support of Vkontakte. After talking with a normal agent, I received a number of explanations for correcting errors:

Earnings Vkontakte through the promotion of the group

After that, I decided to coordinate posts with technical support and show my correspondence to administrators of other communities. As a result, I achieved it - my posts appeared again in the tapes of other groups.

Here are my VC statistics:

Earnings Vkontakte through the promotion of the group

As he said, advertising pulls about 5 thousand rubles a month. See for yourself that there is nothing complicated. Anyone will consult on Skype, so you can write and ask questions.

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