Earnings scheme on YouTube from 50k rubles per month without video

The Internet has long been the widest niche for making money. Sly users get income, not having their own projects and not gaining popularity. You can become a mediator in absolutely all areas and YouTube is no exception. Huge sums are now spinning there, and where there is a lot of money, there is always a place for an intermediary.

Earning on YouTube from 50,000 a month without your videos is a new idea that many do not even realize. I learned about this method from one paid course. A somewhat complicated scheme, but judging by how much money the author of the course made, it’s worth tinkering and sorting out all the subtleties of cooperation with well-known video bloggers.

Earnings scheme on YouTube from 50k rubles per month without video

Where does the money come from on YouTube?

Most fans of this video hosting service who decide to make money online open their own channels. The option is also interesting, for newbies, we even wrote a separate post about the beginning of a career in the field of video blogging. The only problem is that the competition is too high and you have to wait long for the first profit.

Most of the money that revolves around YouTube is invested by advertisers. They buy ads for substantial amounts, and get their videoblogers. On some channels for advertising placing over 50 000 rubles are requested. Revenues of bloggers are growing rapidly, many get millions from their channels.

From this fat piece, you can tear off your own piece, if you join the advertising niche. Video bloggers themselves agree to give part of the profits, many of them work with advertising agencies and hire managers not to personally communicate with advertisers and not to waste time.

Earnings scheme on YouTube from 50k rubles per month without video

Youtube earnings without investments and own videos

We smoothly proceed to the main topic of our article. To earn on YouTube without making a video, you need to become an intermediary between the owner of the channel and the advertiser. Here there are two options - to agree with the owner of the channel on deductions in the form of interest (ask for 10% -15% of the order) or just to make a surcharge.

Serious advertisers do not check the actual rates on the channels, do not try to contact the video blogger directly (except in rare cases). Therefore, the surcharge scheme also works. However, it is better to discuss the terms of cooperation with the owner of the channel in advance so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Due to the large number of channels, bloggers are happy with any suggestion to add advertising. Almost all of them agree to share their profits if the person provides them with a steady flow of advertisers. Besides the fact that it is profitable, you can personally make friends with your favorite video blogger.

Earnings scheme on YouTube from 50k rubles per month without video

How to find video bloggers to make money?

The whole scheme we are talking about now is based on manual work. Channel owners will have to contact directly. It is good that they do not hide their contacts, so there will be no problems with this.

Do not aim at the most famous video bloggers (like Ivangaya), they already have a personal manager and your offers will not be interested. It is best to choose novice letspleyschikov. It is desirable that they had over 100,000 subscribers, and they took from 10,000 rubles for advertising in the video.

Just contact them, present yourself as an advertising agent and offer ongoing cooperation. For the fact that you provide constant offers from advertisers, demand your reward. As already mentioned, the optimal amount is 10% -15% .

The more video bloggers agree to cooperate, the better. It is advisable to create a whole database of channels, which will then be offered to advertisers. First, it will give you solidity, and secondly, it will be easier to find someone who is willing to pay for advertising.

Where and how to find advertisers?

First of all, go to forums that are visited by people interested in online advertising. These can be forums for webmasters, networkers, businessmen and startups. On them you will need to offer your own services or find topics where users are interested in promotion.

It is advisable to select thematic advertising, in this case there will be more sense from it, and this forces the advertiser to re-apply. In addition to the forums, you can use any other sites, and even social networks.

Another working method to quickly find an advertiser is to watch ads on other channels. You go through the sites, contact their owners and offer to order advertising on the channels of video bloggers with whom you managed to agree.

Your Vkontakte page is enough to conduct important negotiations. When the connection with the advertiser is established, the only thing left is to make a deal. It is advisable not to push the blogger and the customer of the advertisement head-on into a scrap, since in the future they can continue to work without you.

The most difficult thing in this business is to find an advertiser .There are so many offers on YouTube, and you won't be able to lower prices to attract attention. Therefore, suspended language and the ability to convince exactly come in handy.

Earnings scheme on YouTube from 50k rubles per month without video

You can become an advertiser yourself

To order an advertisement, you need money, if you have something to invest, you can use more one scheme. Sell ​​something or just register with any affiliate program. Without creating your own channel, you can raise good money.

For example, you can become a partner and order advertising of this service from video bloggers. This company is engaged in issuing online loans, and for each invited client pays 800 rubles. I myself cooperate with them, they regularly pay.

Suppose you buy an advertisement for 8000 rubles. The price is not the lowest, on such conditions the video should definitely score at least 50,000 views. If from this audience, at least 10 people take a loan, the money paid off. And if they will be 20 or 50? The main thing is to choose an affiliate program for the target audience of the channel subscribers.

You cannot do without investments, and decide how much to invest. With the right approach, the funds are multiplied several times. At the same time, you do not sell anything yourself and do not work with customers.

Earnings scheme on YouTube from 50k rubles per month without video

Other ways to make money on YouTube

With YouTube, you can also make a lot of other ways . Affiliate programs should pay attention only if there is something to invest. Although you can record your own videos and through them to attract customers. One of these techniques was presented in the article - how to make money on links to products with aliexpress using Youtube.

Few people want to record interesting videos, all the more difficult to achieve a lot of views. For wealthy people there is another interesting option for profit. Open the channel and look for authors who are ready to work to fill the site. At the expense of several authors, the channel is developing faster.

Use earnings on someone else's YouTube videos, making selections, a huge number of channels exist due to this. Just be careful, because for such actions strikes often arrive and platforms are blocked.

It’s really hard to start working with YouTube without investments, so it’s better not to rely on fast and high income. Gradually recruited base videobloger and advertisers, which forms a full-fledged intermediary business.

Without a video on YouTube, it’s quite realistic to make money, but it can be done with the most cunning and dexterous. Who would not want to receive a part of the money earned by video bloggers. Nobody will refuse from this, but they will not fall from the sky. Start making connections right now, so that tomorrow there will be progress in business.

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