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We have already touched on what useful functions Rookee offers to webmasters and how it can make life easier for both the beginner and the experienced online businessman. However, this is not the only way to make money with the service. If we set aside the very useful services rendered to them, affiliate programs remain (strategies, referral links and banners); and participation in them can at least recoup the costs of the services of the service, and in the future - bring a very good income.

Affiliate program from Rookee

The terms of the affiliate program are extremely simple: attract new users to the service, and you will be happy in the amount of 25% of the income, which the system will receive from each referral you refer. The figure is quite decent, given that the service commission is 10% of the total sales: if, for example, the partner involved by you spends 1000 rubles a month for links, the service commission will be 100 rubles, of which you will get 25. Taking into account that this doesn’t entail any additional costs, it’s a very pleasant arithmetic, especially if you are hoping that webmasters will make your site more visited. In addition, do not forget about the fact that Rookee offers a fairly wide range of services, and if your partner will use them, it will increase your income from the affiliate program. For example, many professionals who thoroughly approach the purchase of links use an additional service — a multi-level white sheet that costs them an additional 10% of the commission. Another service - Rooletka from Rookee, responsible for analyzing sites and competitors, brings additional one-time payments; so, as you can see, everything is honest. The more advanced and responsive webmasters you attract, the greater the potential impact.

Affiliate program from Rooletka

To start earning, you just need to register with the service, get a referral link, choose the banner you like from the list presented in your personal account (you can easily find an option which will organically fit into almost any design) and place it on your website. In the future, you just have to continue to do what you love, attract new visitors and encourage them to become interested in the affiliate program - in short, the procedure is standard, taking into account the fact that Rookee is a brand that has long been known, reliable and strongly associated with professional promotion. You can place links and banners anywhere: on a personal website, blog, social network - the main thing is to have attendance. The more promoted your resource is, the faster you will be able to move from payback to profit - another reason to think about participating in the affiliate program to specialists - after all, other specialists, and therefore potential customers of Rookee, will more likely visit their sites.

Earned money on affiliate programs will be displayed on a wallet in the WebMoney system - there are no difficulties here either and there are no pitfalls.

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