Earnings on YouTube video translations

There are a lot of interesting ideas for making money online and some of them bring a decent profit.

Sometimes you can make good money on already created content using foreign resources. As a translator to make money on the Internet, we have already told, but now we will present an idea that we have not previously mentioned.

Earnings on YouTube video translations is an unusual option, since very few are aware of this method.

The point is to copy foreign clips, translate them, redo the dubbing and add to your channel. Anyone can use this method, especially since you can receive translations through subtitles.

Earnings on YouTube video translations

How to make money on dubbing foreign videos?

First of all I would like to say that this method is suitable for quickly creating multiple channels, which you will monetize in different ways.

The fact is that the copyright holders of the videos may file a complaint and your videos will be unavailable. Therefore, you need to choose videos in which subtitles are available, not so many views and interesting topics.

If you learn to make a good voice acting, you will quickly gain popularity among viewers. Alternatively, you can negotiate with the owners of foreign channels and transfer to them part of the profits for the use of content.

In order not to pay money, offer them an advertisement of the official channel, in exchange for the use of videos.

How you will monetize the YouTube channel is up to you, there are many different ways to do this.

How to transfer videos to YouTube?

Knowing a foreign language perfectly will not cause any problems, but you can also use a clever way - connecting translated subtitles. For this you need to do the following:

1. First you need to find foreign videos in which the subtitles are connected, this is displayed in the settings:

Earnings on YouTube video translations

2. After turning on the English subtitles, you will see the text at the bottom of the video:

Earnings on YouTube video translations

3. Now again you need to go to the settings and select the subtitles, where the translation function will be available:

Earnings on YouTube video translations

4. Translation can be obtained in different languages, for example, we choose Russian:

Earnings on YouTube video translations

5. Now the text in Russian has appeared in the video, you can use it for translation:

Earnings on YouTube video translations

Of course, the translation will not be of high quality and you will need to process it, but this is better than starting with a clean slate.

It may be more convenient for you to rewrite English subtitles and then use the translator.

Having done such actions on a large number of videos and, having filled your channel, you need to think about how to get a lot of views. Well, the promoted channel is easy to monetize, for example, you can earn on Blogun via YouTube or use other earnings from YouTube.

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