Earnings on your opinion, the project Otzovik

Every day we watch movies, play games, buy various goods, use someone's services, read books, and so on. In the process, we have our own opinions about various objects that we share with our families and friends. And did you guess that your opinion could be valuable and bring you a profit?

Earnings in your opinion, this is one of the options for making money on the Internet, which is gradually gaining momentum. A huge number of people before you download a computer game, watch a movie or buy something, make the corresponding queries in search engines and study the reviews. You can not only help them, but also get paid for it.

Earnings on your opinion, the project Otzovik

How to get money for reviews?

Texts can be sold on content exchanges, but in this case You will receive a one-time fee and sell your copyright along with the article. You can create a website on which you will post your feedback, but for profit, you have to wait a very long time, and knowledge of site building may not be enough.

A great option to make a profit for your opinion is to use the project. On this site you can put an unlimited number of articles with your reviews and get paid for each view of your material. If you think that it is impossible to earn a lot on this, then you are mistaken, for 1000 views of one review you can get up to 500 rubles.

Daily views on this site are more than 1. 2 million, this is an occasion to think about how much profit you expect. In addition, you can add as many reviews to the system as money will be credited to your account from each of them.

Earnings on your opinion, the project Otzovik

How to write reviews for the Otzovik correctly?

  • the minimum article size is 500 characters, but it is better to create more detailed reviews, in order to attract as many views as possible;
  • keywords do not have to be added to the text, but it is better to do this in order for search engines to go more to your article;
  • the text must be unique as well as pictures. As for adding pictures, they must be installed, this increases the cost of views;
  • use a popular and popular product or service to compile a review. For example, it makes no sense to make a review of what you bought apples at a local supermarket.

The popularity of the Otzovik project is increasing every day, and the money is stably paid to active authors. Why exactly active? Because in order to receive money, you will need to add at least 1 review every 30 days, otherwise payments will be suspended.

To start making money with reviews, just go through a simple registration and add your own review.

The form for adding a review is as follows:

Earnings on your opinion, the project Otzovik

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here. When you earn the first 200 rubles, you will have the opportunity to withdraw this money. They are transferred within 5 days, as a payment system, you can use various options.

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