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It’s impossible to find your workplace on the Internet, and are you already fed up with monotonous ways of earning money? There are original solutions, especially for creative people.

If you have no problems with imagination and new slogans, company names and attractive headlines for advertising constantly come to your head, register on here.

Think of site names and make money with is the most unusual, but at the same time very profitable way. On this site, thousands of customers are trying to find the best domain names for their own sites, and they are ready to pay big money for quality ideas.

Earnings on Votimenno, naming service | Workion. ru

Creative work on Votimenno

The essence is extremely simple, you need to register as a copywriter and take part in different companies created by customers.

This does not require any contributions, and a large stock of knowledge is not required. Customers create tasks and pay only to those whose option they liked more.

Some will say, but why pay if there are domain name generators? Believe me, all automated systems are not able to find really interesting things. In this regard, only the human brain is able to produce the best idea .

After regular registration, you can immediately see the order tape:

Earnings on Votimenno, naming service | Workion. ru

The payment to the copywriter for the completed order is charged at 40% -60% of the established remuneration. Money is credited only if the proposed option has been chosen. The client can put the idea in the favorite, then the author will receive up to 0. 3% of the amount of the order.

Why should the client not take advantage of the proposed ideas and not drop everyone? To create an application, you first need to make money. Most orders are accompanied by the status "Non-refundable", i.e. return of funds will not work.

In other cases, they can be returned only after 60 days, at this time the administration ensures that no one registers the domain.

Those copywriters who work all the time earn more on the project. For activity on the site they are awarded rating points, and they are ranked. The higher the rank, the greater the percentage of deductions:

Earnings on Votimenno, naming service | Workion. ru

Even if you take an order for 1000 rubles, with a minimum wage, the income will be 400 rubles. Agree, a good profit, considering that for the money you just came up with a domain.

Earnings on knitting is another version of creative work that can be done without leaving your home.

The organizers of Votimenno have been working in the field of naming since 2003, and earlier they were based on inventing names for programs (in the foreign segment). Since 2008, they have entered the Russian segment of the Internet and offered a side job to Runet users.

Registration will take a few minutes, maybe your idea will be the best.

If the customer approves the domain you think up, the money will go to your balance. You can order a payment of 500 rubles, and for withdrawal using PayPal (no commission), Webmoney and Yandex. Money. Money comes within 30 days (in practice it takes no more than a week).

Of the minuses of the project, Only a large number of people willing to receive money (high competition) and the difficulty of selecting domains can be identified, since the best options are almost always busy.

If there are talents, then you will definitely find a use for them on the Internet. It is unlikely that it will be possible to earn a stable income on Votimenno, many customers think for a long time whose option is better.

As an option, earning with Fotolia Instant can also be used. Download the application on mobile and sell photos.

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