Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

Every time we visit the Internet, we all have to watch ads.

Agree, it would be nice to get paid for watching it, which is quite realistic, because special services in which it is available. One of them is the project

, on which more than 8000 users have registered only yesterday.

Earnings for viewing ads are classified as simplest online jobs. After the standard registration in the service, you can immediately go to the list of ads, open them and get paid for it. The interface on Probux is simple, so you won't have to understand everything for a long time.

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

See ads and earn at Probux

The number of users of this service is constantly increasing, which is not surprising as it has a lot of advantages:

  • the easiest way to earn money;
  • stable payments;
  • access to a useful forum;
  • responsive ones. support;
  • guaranteed ad delivery every day;
  • instant withdrawals.

To start viewing ads, go through the registration and go to the View Ads section, where there will be several blocks:

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

In the lower right corner you You can see the amount you get for viewing ads. Choose any block and a new tab opens where you need to wait for the scale to pass:

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

As soon as the full load occurs, information about the funds credited to your balance will appear in its place :

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

Just a few seconds should be spent for the line to load fully. After that, you can close the tab and view other ads.

When you look at all the available ads, try your luck in the ProGrid section. There, you will be presented with a picture from a variety of cells, and clicking on them opens the sites. For their viewing you can get $ 5, this is the main prize.

But more often there are additional opportunities to participate in the drawing:

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

By and large, this is a normal surfing site, in which you can get lucky and you will become the owner decent payment from viewing the site.

Referral program on Probux

You can attract new members to this system and receive passive profit due to this. If you do not have traffic sources, referrals can be rented, several packages are provided:

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

For rent of 100 referrals per month, you will pay $ 20. The system leases only those users who are active. Will the costs pay off? This can be found in a special calculator, which is located in the FAQ section:

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

As you can see, you can get a good profit from your contributions, but not every referral will constantly browse the sites in surfing , therefore, profits will necessarily be lower.

How to withdraw money from Probux?

First you need to go to your profile data, where there are lines to indicate the wallet numbers:

Earnings on viewing ads with Probux

As you see, output is available to Paypal, Payza and Neteller. Specify any account, and after that, you can easily order instant withdrawals. The minimum amount is $ 5.

It is quite possible to make a profit with Probux, but in order to gain minimum salary, use additional tasks and install mobile applications. The most important thing is that advertisers are actively registered in this system, this ensures a constant increase in new announcements and tasks.

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