Earnings on video hosting Vessel (project is closed)

It’s not so easy to ensure a good profit from the Internet; thousands of users try to do it every day.

Some people succeed, but they put tremendous effort into it. The best way is to launch your site, and this is not only about the site, you can run channels on YouTube.

We have already told you how to become a YouTube partner, but this is not the only way to monetize.

Earnings in burzhunete on video from Vessel (scam) is a non-standard option that is suitable only for those video bloggers whose videos are intended for an English-speaking audience, as the Vessel service is not popular in Russia.

Earnings on video hosting Vessel (project is closed)

How does Vessel work?

This is a unique service that has no analogues. His developer realized a seemingly delusional idea, but it worked.

Through this system, the owners of the promoted channels can pre-publish videos and receive money for viewing and installed advertising within 3 days.

Simply put, before uploading a video to open access, it is first published on Vessel. To watch the video before its release on YouTube, users need to subscribe ($ 3), which gives the right to subscribe to 3 channels.

Who needs this, you ask? A huge audience of fans, so the popular Yutubers already use the system:

Earnings on video hosting Vessel (project is closed)

There are hardly any people on the Runet who want to pay for watching English-language videos, but there is such a prospect.

You have to guess that no one will subscribe to a channel that few people know about. You need to become popular on YouTube, and only then start using the Vessel system.

Video bloggers are interested in, how profitable it is to cooperate with Vessel . The organizers say that with 1000 views through their system, you can earn $ 50 (while on YouTube they promise about $ 1-3).

First, 70% of advertising revenue is paid. Secondly, the authors of videos receive 60% of the subscription.

The conditions are not perfect, the system commission is high, and the way is suitable only for the most famous video bloggers. Nevertheless, this method should not be discounted, because here a lot of money is spinning, and the target audience is real fans and wealthy people.

Experienced professionals argue that Vessel has a great future, because YouTube constantly releases new stars, and each well-known person can take money from their fans.

Let's see what will happen in the future with this system, but for now we ask you to express your opinion on this method of monetizing channels, in the comments.

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