Earnings on vacated domains, where to sell the domain?

Domain names are one of the types of digital products that can also be used to make money on the Internet.

Not many people know about it, but every day a huge number of addresses for websites are bought and sold, and experienced domainers make good money on this.

Of course, becoming a professional and getting a decent income from the sale of domains is not so easy, but you can learn everything. Attention must be paid not only to beautiful domain names, but also to take into account names that end soon. If the owner of a good domain does not pay in time, you can outbid it and then sell it.

Earnings on vacated domains, where to sell the domain?

Pumped domains - a good product

Earnings on the domains being released are not so simple, and the main difficulty is the high level of competition. The fact is that experienced domainers use special programs and services to search for expensive domains in order to quickly purchase them. Therefore, it will not be so easy to track standing domains for which the owner does not pay.

However, you have such an opportunity, and you can try to use it. The most important thing is not to buy up names from other users, but look for options through special systems.

One of the best services for searching for expiring domains is. Even without registration, you can see which domain names are now put up for auction and when they are released:

Now there are 47826 domains for which you can make an advance payment. The fact is that the owner can make a payment as a deadline and then your money will be returned to you. As you can see, very interesting domains with a huge TIC are sold, you can earn decent money on them, but it will be difficult to intercept them.

Earnings on vacated domains, where to sell the domain?

And where to sell them then?

You can place ads on the forums, if the domains are good, then there are always clients . Also, there is, where you can put any domain up for auction. Generally, this is an exchange for selling sites, but when filling in a lot, you can indicate that you are selling only a domain.

Does the site TIC mean so much, because it may soon decrease? In addition to the high level of TIC, the domain can be popular, and therefore direct transitions will be made to it. In addition, a huge reference mass can be formed for it, and it can also be located in various directories.

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