Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

It is difficult for beginners to choose websites for making money, because you don’t know how to do anything and you don’t understand complicated methods.

In this regard, economic games provide a real chance to start in a profitable niche, and many of them do not require mandatory investments. Now you will learn about one of these projects, where many interesting features.

A game with a withdrawal and books for earnings without investments, combines at once two popular types of services that new users actively use.

On the one hand, you can semi-automatically make money on setting up your business (or get a virtual job), on the other hand, all types of earnings are available, like on postal services.

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Registration and familiarization with the game

At first, the project may seem complicated because here introduced many different functions. But this post will help to understand everything. It all starts with a regular registration, it is interesting that they necessarily require you to specify one of the wallet numbers:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

When using WMR, payments will come automatically, they must be ordered to Payeer. After registration and authorization, the player enters the personal account. It displays all the data, balances, a large menu and statistics on referrals:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

The first step is to activate the first free package. You need to scroll down the page (go to the "Buy Package" section) and select the first option. Without this, payments for referrals are not established and it is impossible to play:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

We already have the first package activated, so only paid ones remained in the list. As you can see, they affect the price of advertising, the percentage of referrals, as well as the number of magnates and coupons received.

Several balances are entered on this site at once, consider all types of local currency of the game:

  1. Account balance - all earned money is displayed here (from referrals, contests, etc.). It is from this account that payments are ordered.
  2. Advertising Balance - needed for ordering surfing, creating tasks, buying packages or referrals.
  3. Clicks are given for surfing, tasks, entering captcha. Clicks are spent on magnatics or coupons.
  4. Magnatics - they can be called site securities. Every magnate brings a small amount every 10 minutes. It depends on the total number of deposits per day.
  5. Coupons - used exclusively for participation in contests. If you get them for free, activation is required.

The functionality of the game is really wide, and players do not always use all the functions of the project.

Someone focuses on the game, others use simple earnings, some only engaged in attracting referrals. Decide for yourself exactly how you earn on Trafmagnat.

Game Tycoon

The main section of the project is “Game Tycoon”. There it is proposed to buy businesses or get a job.

Marketing is thoughtful, someone invests money in companies and attracts employees to receive a percentage of earned clicks, someone starts a job without investment,

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Of course, it is much more profitable to buy your own enterprise and invite newcomers to get you a job. The cheapest buildings cost 10 and 50 rubles, they bring 10% and 13% of clicks, respectively:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

And if the workers do not work? They cannot receive a salary until they have completed at least 10 clicks per day. Therefore, you definitely get a percentage. To set an example, we got a job at a pizzeria. Before you enter it, you made 10 clicks:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

All working conditions are shown in the image. Salary is 15 kopecks. To get them, you need to look at 10 sites in surfing (for example).

In addition to this payment, we also get clicks that are spent on magnatics. We will tell about it below in more detail. Salary is charged on the basic balance:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

It can be withdrawn, but first you have to dial the minimum amount (1. 5 p. To Payeer or 15 p. To WMR). Surely you noticed a "bank" on the map. This building is needed to exchange clicks for rubles, but only those clicks that you received from your employees.

Earnings of clicks without investments

For beginners, there are several ways to earn money that do not require investments. The most interesting is fast surfing, the sites are opened one by one, captcha is entered below.

This is the fastest option, but there is still the usual surfing. As with any click sponsor, a list of resources for referrals is provided:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Captcha is also entered after the site is fully loaded. Increased payment is received by users from tasks. Again, everything is simple, but so far there are few instructions, at the moment the maximum reward is 10 clicks:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

A similar option to surfing is also offered in the "Captcha" section.There you need to watch 7 sites in a row and in the upper part pass the captcha test. After it begins the countdown, just wait for the timer and automatically get on the following site:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

By all these methods you can dial clicks on the balance. What to do with them? You need to collect at least 50 clicks in order to exchange them for magnats. This is done in the appropriate section:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Magnatics bring small amounts every 10 minutes without your participation. They have a lifetime, and the amount depends on the additions in the game. At the moment, magnate holders receive 9 kopecks per day.

Contests Trafmagnat

Every day the administration plays prizes in the form of clicks, magnatics or rubles. To take part in the competition, you need to collect coupons.

They are given for free per game or you can buy them. For example, coupons for clicks are sold for 5 clicks, the image below shows how many winners win:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Draws are held every day, so winning them is realistic. Do not activate coupons immediately after receipt, it is better to save them more to increase your chances of winning.

A similar competition is held between referrals, in which you can win free referrals.

Affiliate Program Trafmagnat

Earnings on referrals in cash-out games is one of the most profitable. If you start without investments, the conditions here are not the most favorable. In the personal account, opposite the rank indicates how much you get from referrals 1 and 2 levels:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

In the section with the promo is a regular link to invite new participants. To squeeze the maximum out of the affiliate program, you need a package for 3000 rubles, it raises the percentage from the first line to 40% and to 8% from the second level:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Just do not think that you pay money exclusively to improve affiliate conditions. The image shows other benefits gained with this package.

Low-cost advertising from Trafmagnat

It is worth telling a little about the fact that the game Trafmagnat is suitable for attracting visitors to their sites, recruiting referrals and various markups through tasks.

When you buy the most expensive package, which was described above, you get 5000 unique transitions and you can buy them at 45 p. for 1000 pieces.

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

The last menu item in your account is designed to develop the referral network, without distributing the link.

You can buy referrals for 50 rubles. This is assigned to a random user who registered for a direct link and activates the first rank.

Trafmagnat Reviews

There was a game not so long ago, an interesting idea, but there is no need to overestimate it. Anything related to surfing, clicks and other simple methods of earnings, can not bring huge income (except through referrals). The first reviews about Trafmagnat already appear on the forums:

Earnings on Trafmagnat - game + books, reviews, review

Users actually earn and withdraw money. Integrating games with easy money making is a great idea. So it is possible to constantly replenish the reserves at the expense of advertisers. We ask all our readers to share their opinions about this project in the comments.

It is extremely difficult to find reviews on Trafmagnat, the game started working not so long ago, but it still has a good reputation.

The developers made an unusual project, combining two types of services that all newbies use. The opportunity to start without an investment is worth taking advantage of, at least you will not lose anything.

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