Earnings on traffic, where to drain traffic?

The Internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to make money and they are already actively using them.

Network activity is different, but it is not necessary to perform it on some services. You can earn money by attracting and converting traffic. What is traffic? These are visitors or real people "wandering" on the Internet.

Earnings on traffic can be very profitable if you learn how to use it.

The bottom line is that you will need to somehow attract people to your own or other people's sites in order to convert traffic. Simply put, you monetize the resulting traffic, and you can get it in various ways.

Earnings on traffic, where to drain traffic?

How to make money on the Internet on traffic?

Every owner of a popular site earns on traffic. For example, owners of channels on YouTube, receive traffic in the form of viewers and earn on it, through established advertising or links in signatures.

You can create a group of Vkontakte or run your own website to collect traffic.

Developing your site is an ideal option for attracting traffic, but you need to understand that it takes a lot of time and money.

Before you start earning on traffic, you will need to promote the site, whether this community in the social. networks, website or channel on YouTube.

It is much easier to start earning traffic using ad networks as a source. After registering on one of the advertising services, you add advertising, and it is installed on other sites. People go on this advertising and you monetize traffic, making a profit.

Yes, you will have to invest money to start advertising, but they quickly pay for themselves. This is the usual traffic arbitration, which we described in one of the articles "Binary Options or Traffic Arbitration". Real gurus in this niche, consistently receive huge money, but go to certain risks.

Traffic arbitration - a profitable business

The risks are that it is not always possible to return the money spent on advertising. Is it hard to figure out? Let's look at a specific example.

Suppose we use an advertising service, the payment per click on the VK message advertising format is about 30 kopecks . To begin, spend 5,000 rubles and get 16. 6 thousand clicks on advertising.

To convert traffic, you can use the offer on. For example, it may be a cream for stretch marks, for the sale of which the partner receives 500 rubles:

Earnings on traffic, where to drain traffic?

Only 10 sales need to be made to return the invested 5,000 rubles . Do you think that out of the 16,600 people who have passed through advertising, will you be able to collect more than 10 clients and get income? Maybe, but you can't be sure.

To get impressive income from this type of activity, learn tips on traffic arbitration.

When you use a landing page, traffic conversion significantly increases.

It is much more profitable to monetize traffic via SMS affiliate programs. You get traffic from other sites, so you can not worry about reputation and make money on traffic, through paid SMS.

Some advertising services prohibit the use of this, so you will have to find a suitable network.

If you find good and inexpensive sources of traffic, and also learn how to convert visitors to the maximum, this type of earnings can consistently bring in tangible income.

Start and test, at the very beginning, you may lose some of the money, but then you will be able to get a stable profit.

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