Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

Deciding to use the Internet as a source of income, you must first consider the most profitable and relevant topics.

At the moment, this is the market of cryptocurrencies, it is that huge sums are spinning and everybody can take a piece of the pie, even if there are no large money to invest.

Directly using digital coins is impossible, for their purchase, sale, exchange and other operations, exchanges or exchangers are necessary.

It is they who make it possible to earn income, and in this article we will examine 6 ways to make money on the stock exchange. Everyone will be able to choose the direction of their interests or opportunities.

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

Earnings on cryptocurrency on the stock exchange for beginners

Many have not yet begun to use the crypto market just because they consider this area to be suitable only to professionals. The institutes do not teach how to conduct transactions with a crypt, and not only economists or programmers who understand the codes and working principles of "alternative money" work in this area.

Most of the investors and traders are self-taught, who independently studied all the subtleties and received valuable experience. Someone lost something, someone managed to immediately achieve good deductions. A niche is no different from any other, at all times stocks were bought and sold, precious metals, it is an asset.

Before you start active actions, you need to understand at least the basics. On our blog, a whole section is devoted to this topic (all about cryptocurrency). There you will find reviews of the most promising coins, find out where to collect free altcoins, which wallets are better to use, and so on.

All successful people were once new, they were afraid to start, but they did something. The cryptocurrency market is not so old, so even some gurus can still be considered newbies. Those who really want to change their future should overcome their fears and choose at least one of the ways to make money on a crypt.

The main ways to make money on the cryptocurrency exchange

Options to spin on this market is full. I know an example when they opened their own cryptocurrency exchangers and made huge money. However, this requires a serious store of knowledge and several million rubles.

We will not consider such complex options, especially professionals know about them themselves. Let us examine only those methods that you can definitely handle:

  1. Trading cryptocurrencies.

Resale of coins is the most popular option because it allows you to start with any amount and quickly brings income.

You choose a reliable exchange, buy coins when their value falls or should soon rise and wait for the exchange rate to change. Sometimes it takes only a few hours. A simple example:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

At 7 am on August 12, the DASH rate was $ 164, and the next day it went up to $ 169. With the resale of each of these coins could get $ 5. Not the biggest income, but no serious action is taken.

However, making forecasts is hard. To make money on cryptocurrency trading, you need to consider the following trading features:

  • it is advisable to choose trading pairs with fiat money (for example, with dollars or rubles). It is easier to make a forecast and more stable rates;
  • you need to use only high-quality exchanges, on questionable projects the quotes may be tampered with or other problems will appear;
  • choose liquid coins, otherwise if you increase the rate you risk just do not find a buyer for such an asset;
  • it is better to use high capitalization cryptocurrencies, then large transactions will not affect the rate, and it is impossible to predict them;
  • high volatility brings traders a great income, but remember she is increases risks;
  • you need to start with small amounts, train and gain experience, understand what courses depend on and keep statistics;
  • you need to constantly monitor the market, look for new trends, check news and be aware of recent events;
  • the ideal time to buy a coin is when its value reaches the previous minimum (when the trend is just starting to unfold);
  • do not expect 100% growth, it’s better to sell assets, when the price rises by at least 15% -20%, because you want to engage in trading, not investment
  • you need to use all available tools for traders. These can be indicators, strategies, useful programs, and other signals.

Making purchases and sales through exchanges is easy, in this case the most difficult thing is forecasts. Predict when and which coins will grow in price is not easy. But this is precisely the job of the trader.

Similarly, in the world markets they earn by reselling stocks, futures, bonds and other assets.

How is cryptocurrency traded, bought and sold?

The problem of many newbies is not only the fear of investing. Some do not begin to act only because they do not understand the interfaces of the exchanges.

All of them offer similar functionality, having a deal once, you will understand everything for sure. To make it easier, we have prepared a substantive instruction:

  1. You register on the stock exchange, you proceed to recharge. Here decide for yourself in what currency to make a deposit and what size. As a rule, the exchanges provide many different options (bank cards, payment systems, money transfers):

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

  1. After depositing funds, a cryptocurrency purchase transaction is necessary. Go to the platform and choose the right pair. For example, if you replenished in dollars and want to resell Bitcoin, choose BTC / USD:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

  1. On exchanges, transactions are made between real users. A special form creates an application for exchange. In it, you can specify any value of coins and their quantity. Just remember that no one wants to sell you their coins if the price is too low:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

  1. If there are already offers on the exchange with the same value, order is instantaneous. If not, your application falls into a common database and is in standby mode. You can choose the appropriate order of another user and instantly carry out the transaction:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

  1. As a result, you have a cryptocurrency on your internal account. You can withdraw it from the stock exchange or leave it here to change it back with fiat money. The sale of coins is performed according to the same algorithm, only the “Sell” form is filled in, where the number of altcoins and their cost are also indicated:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

The more you can determine the difference in rates, the higher the profit. Some traders manage to make over 100% profit in just one day. Based on statistics, beginners do no more than 50% per month.

In any case, it is profitable and there are no huge risks. Even if the rate does not rise, you can always sell the cryptocurrency, having received the bulk of the investment.

  1. Long-term investments.

It is much easier to invest in cryptocurrency for a long term. If during the day, week, month, due to high volatility, the course can not only rise, but also fall, then in the long run, the most popular coins only add to the price. The simplest example is the Bitcoin rate:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

Data has been taken for the last year. The course repeatedly raised, then rose, traders earned on the movement of quotations. And those who simply bought BTC, doing nothing at all, increased their money. Now the difference is almost 2 times, but this is not the limit.

The number of coins decreases, their popularity grows, respectively, and the cost must rise.

The main thing is to invest in the most promising cryptocurrency. Little-known coins can give greater profit, but such investments are accompanied by increased risks.

No bank accepts deposits at such high interest rates. Now the cryptocurrency trend, its value will grow in the coming years. Such an asset is really capable of bringing a large profit, and to understand the intricacies and often do not have to deal.

It is only important to protect the coins. For a long time to leave them on the exchange is not worth it. The best way to increase security is to buy a hardware wallet.

Each investor has his own strategy. Personally, it is more convenient for me to conduct transactions from time to time, waiting for the right moment. I save up coins at various stock exchanges, and when their rate rises sharply, I conduct transactions.

I change them among themselves, I translate some into Fiat, the total profit is impressive, the main thing is not to hurry to get rid of altcoins with growth potential.

  1. Arbitrage of cryptocurrency.

Unlike the two previous options, using this method, you get a profit immediately. Cryptocurrency exchange owners take quotes from different sources, somewhere they update faster, somewhere it takes more time.

Therefore, it is possible to catch moments when the same coins on one site stand so much, and on the other a little more or less.

About cryptocurrency arbitrage, we have a large and detailed article. Earn on exchanges, the risks are minimal, but you have to find a decent start-up capital.

In order for you to have an idea of ​​how you make money on cryptocurrency exchanges through exchanges, consider a specific example. To conduct a bargain, you need to compare the cost of coins through different services.

We have already picked up a suitable option, replenish the account on the Eksmo stock exchange and buy 1 Bitcoin for $ 6410 (average selling price at the moment):

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

Now we translate 1 Bitcoin on the Binance exchange to exchange them for Ethereum.According to the above instructions, go to the trading platform and find a pair of BTC / ETH. Now for each air, they ask for 0. 05 Bitcoin. We translate our Bitcoins into Ethers:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

Now Ethereum needs to be transferred back to the Eksmo Exchange, where we can get dollars. The ETH selling price at the moment is $ 322, you can earn $ 6,448 for the purchased 20 coins:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

To summarize, we have invested $ 6,410, received $ 6,448. The profit of $ 38 in just a few minutes, minus the commissions, let half the $ 20 remain - an income of 1,200 rubles from one transaction, still tangible.

Such operations per day can be carried out as long as you like, and the difference in the course is much higher. We just have to constantly monitor the quotes and act quickly, because the volatility is high.

  1. Margin trading.

This method is used by professionals who want to get an increased income from trading. The more start-up capital, the more substantial the profit becomes. If there is nothing to invest, why not take a loan.

It can be provided by exchanges that support margin trading (the most popular).

For the provision of such loans, high interest rates are set. A trader who has earned a profit is obliged to return the amount with interest, part of the profit is taken by him. If failed, simply forgot about his work and personally invested funds.

The margin trading conditions at each site are different. This must be well understood in order to consider earnings on cryptocurrency exchanges.

For beginners, it makes no sense to use margin trading, because interest on a loan is under pressure here and profits should be impressive.

Increased risks are compensated by increased income, according to statistics, traders receive 2-3 times more (it all depends on the amount of the amount).

In general, the difference with conventional trading is insignificant, except that transactions are conducted not only on personal funds.

Now margin trading is gaining momentum (as in Forex), and the exchanges are gradually connecting it. Eksmo developers even decided to hold an ICO for this and released their own tokens.

  1. Trust Management.

Increasingly, traders offer to invest in their work, but so far this trend is not as developed as in the classic Forex.

There are PAMM accounts that open to collect start-up capital. He goes to trade, the trader takes a part of the profit for himself, the rest is distributed among the investors.

In the cryptocurrency trade option is also really possible to apply. While there are no special services through which it would be possible to safely invest and monitor the actions of traders.

Therefore, trust management is only available through direct cooperation or through a company that accepts contributions.

Many services are opened, where they offer to invest in cryptocurrency trading. However, we cannot recommend any of them, because the projects are not verified and too often turn out to be scam.

The advantages are obvious - you don’t have to do anything yourself, and the income depends on how successful the transactions are made by the professional. The way is working, but so far it is difficult to use them, because it is difficult to find an honest trader, no one provides any guarantees.

  1. Affiliate Programs.

The latter method does not require investments at all. At each exchange there is an affiliate program, according to which it is possible to receive interest from transactions of involved users. Register, get a ref. link and start looking for people who also want to earn on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Use any methods for recruiting referrals, the main thing is to find active users who will conduct the transaction.

Conditions are different everywhere, most often the remuneration is the percentage of the commission that is collected from each transaction. With the help of the blog, it is possible to invite many users, only on the Binans exchange for all the time of cooperation they managed to earn:

Earnings on the stock exchange cryptocurrency - 6 main ways and rating exchanges

Here, from 20% to 40% of the exchange commission is paid. The most active partner of this exchange earned 186 Bitcoin (about 1. 2 million dollars). It is possible to consider this method highly profitable, but only in perspective. To receive substantial money, you need to recruit a lot of active referrals.

In any of these ways, you can really make money on cryptocurrency exchanges, and incomes are not limited. This is not a collection of freebies on cranes, some methods are comparable to a full-fledged business. That is why more and more people come to this niche, they have already understood how profitable the crypto market is.

On which exchanges should cryptocurrency be earned?

An important point at the start is to not lose money with exchanges. Some of them overestimate the commission, others have a bad reputation, others are completely closed.

You need to be careful, for trading and investment, in any case, you will have to register for at least one project. On the basis of personal experience, I recommend:

  1. - ideal for beginners, offers a built-in exchanger, where you can quickly change fiat and crypt without orders. There are not so many shopping pairs, but there are often great deals.
  2. is the largest exchange of cryptocurrencies for earnings, where many altcoins are added and low commission. Here fiat money is not supported, but if you want to buy coins profitably, this is the best place.
  3. - recently losing its reputation, but remains one of the largest stock exchanges. A huge number of trading pairs (there are tokens that you will not find among competitors), supports Fiat, input and output in various ways.
  4. - the domestic stock exchange, although not the largest, stable and high-quality. You can also make and display the national currency. The list of supported cryptocurrency is growing rapidly.

Even for arbitration, cryptocurrency of this list will be enough. I myself conduct transactions on these sites, repeatedly withdrawing funds. New exchanges still appear, but they have not yet proved their honesty, so it is better to use established leaders.

Earnings on the cryptocurrency exchange - reviews

Traders do not willingly share their experiences, they simply have no time to write reviews. We are constantly working on finding suitable deals.

With investors, so everything is clear, who had time, he ate. It is not the first year that I myself make money on cryptocurrency exchanges and record videos about some successful deals:

Create your own strategy, look for patterns, use any signals. Trade in coins can bring a solid profit.

If you are too lazy to engage in forecasting, invest with the expectation of a long-term perspective. And for those who do not have start-up capital, affiliate programs will be suitable for making money on cryptocurrency exchanges.

I recommend paying attention to the Ripple cryptocurrency. The company is successfully developing and has already launched a program to encourage developers who add XRP to their projects.

Do not trust people who claim that making money on cryptocurrency exchanges is easy. In any case, a beginner will have to understand the intricacies, study reviews, ratings, evaluate the prospects of altcoins.

Time will definitely not be wasted, a great future is predicted for the blockchain, and digital coins will definitely become even more popular.

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