Earnings on the site with Advmaker, monetization of the site on Advmaker

There are a lot of quality services for advertising on the Internet and almost every one of them can be used by site owners to earn money.

The ad network

is one of the largest ad networks that is perfect for monetization of various sites and, in this article we will tell you in detail about this system.

Earnings on the site with Advmaker is a real opportunity to get the maximum profit from their sites, which has already been used by more than 3,500 webmasters. It offers not only the placement of conventional banners, but also several other types of monetization.

Earnings on the site with Advmaker, monetization of the site on Advmaker

Monetizing the site through Advmaker

After registering in the system, you can add different sites to make money on them, from blogs to forums. The administration of the project made sure that each webmaster got a convenient interface and in a few clicks could start cooperation with this service.

Over 5 years, the project has been developing, and so far only positive reviews are left about it. The main advantage lies in the individual selection of advertising for each site. You can be sure that after adding your sites, you will be able to earn good money, the administration will take care of reaching the maximum envelope.

Earnings on the site with Advmaker, monetization of the site on Advmaker

What sites can I add?

There can be any subject area, the most important thing is that the resource meets other requirements:

  • at least 3 views per visitor;
  • from 50% RU traffic;
  • daily attendance in excess of 500;
  • the site must be Russian;
  • there should be no prohibited and erotic materials;
  • traffic should be of high quality (not from boxes and not generated);
  • there should not be a glut of advertising on the site.

Do you have resources that fit these criteria? Great, so you can start to monetize them and choose the format of advertising.

What kind of advertising can I install?

There are several formats to choose from, you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • Static banners;
  • banners for placement in players;
  • pop-up banners;
  • Clickunder;
  • commercials that are shown before launching your video.

There is another type of advertising in the system that is most interesting - branding. Many advertisers want to develop the popularity of their brands, and thanks to this system they can order the design of sites for their brand. When monetization sites will change their design, the style required by the advertiser.

How much can you earn?

You have to guess that it’s impossible to imagine the exact amount of income, because everything depends on the number of your sites, the subject matter, their quality, traffic volume and set other factors.

There is a calculator on Advmaker, for making approximate calculations:

Earnings on the site with Advmaker, monetization of the site on Advmaker

The data is not accurate, so it’s better to use a test that will take 3 -4 days and determine a more accurate possible income.

You can cooperate with the Advmaker system, because after 5 years of work, the administration has never delayed payments, and individual conditions have been developed for regular customers. In addition, all advertising passes multiple checks, so you can not worry that your site will unwind scam or other dubious resources.

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