Earnings on the sale of sites, suitable for webmasters

Do you want to receive substantial money by earning it on the Internet? An excellent option for creating a source of profit can be selling sites. Learning to use CMS is not at all difficult, it is also not difficult to buy a domain and pay for hosting. It remains only to fill the site with information and it can be put up for sale.

Unlike copywriting, where they earn money by selling content, by selling websites you can allocate much more benefit from your efforts. If until now you thought that high-quality and large sites are being bought and sold on the Internet, then you were mistaken. A regular blog with a hundred pages can be sold for several thousand rubles.

Earnings on the sale of sites, suitable for webmasters

Creation and sale of sites

Earnings on the sale of sites is used by many users. To use it, you need to have some knowledge, but you can get it on the Internet, as we have said, there is a CMS with which to create a resource is not at all difficult.

To start such a thing, you need a minimum of cash. Domain in the zone. ru can be bought for 100-120 rubles, hosting for a couple of months will cost another 200 rubles. Thus, with a starting capital of 300 rubles, you can start a profitable business, and at the same time you will not have bosses, there will be a free schedule and a huge selection of topics for website development.

Do you still have doubts about the use of earnings on the creation and sale of sites? You can make sure that the sites are bought and sold, thanks to the exchange sites.

This site holds auctions for the sale of sites. In this example, we chose sites with zero puzomerki (TIC and PR), i.e. their creators did not spend money on promotion, they just created a resource and filled it with information.

Earnings on the sale of sites, suitable for webmasters

Now pay attention to the prices, they are significantly different and depend on the level of attendance and income that the site brings. Even if you have not monetized a resource and less than 100 users visited your site daily, you can put it up for sale.

The only caveat when selling websites is the transfer of domains. Unfortunately, it is impossible to simply transfer a domain and receive money. To re-register a domain, you will need to send a written statement, certified by a notary to the registrar's company.

If you plan to do this all the time, you can send an application for opening access to remote domain management. However, when I had to deal with this, I simply transferred the domain for the use of another user.

Now the renewal messages come to his data, but the domain name is registered to me. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, except for the fact that I do not know what this person will do with the domain.

You can earn substantial money on selling websites, but there are some nuances in this area. Nevertheless, such work is suitable for absolutely everyone, and you can proceed to its implementation.

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