Earnings on the refering. How to become a referrer?

Not all ways of making money on the Internet, equally profitable. Many are interested in what options have the best prospects.

It is better to work efficiently first in order to receive big money later with minimal effort. There are such types of earnings, one of them is attracting referrals.

Earnings at the reflow: is it real? There are a lot of affiliate programs, and you can earn them not only by attracting customers.

In some affiliate programs it is proposed to invite new partners in order to receive a portion of their profits. This is profitable, because users can work for years and bring stable deductions.

Earnings on the refering. How to become a referrer?

How to become a referral?

The first thing each referral need is to find affiliate programs. Conditions are different everywhere, so you need to be careful and compare them.

You should not use any one system, it is better to immediately invite people to several sites. So you will create several sources of profit.

As for the affiliate programs, choose them yourself. You can even invite people to mailers, so that newbies earn money there. Attracting partners to large systems is more profitable, but also more difficult.

For example, in the niche of binary options, remuneration is much higher, so more money will come from invited partners.

Creating a website to become a referral is not necessarily , you can do with alternative ways. This will be discussed a little lower, but now I would like to present a real example of how much I managed to earn on referrals.

How much I earned from referrals

With the help of the Workion blog I manage to attract people to a wide variety of sites and get good ones money. Instead of empty stories, I’ll better present several screenshots from high-quality affiliate programs that you can use:

  1. - pay money from 5 levels of referrals, which is very profitable. The project is an investment game where you need to invest, play and earn. It’s a pleasure to invite people here, because many people like these sites, and for their replenishment come good bonuses:
  2. Earnings on the refering. How to become a referrer?
  3. Seosprint is a simple click sponsor where it's easy for a beginner to earn. I use it for a long time and receive money from a 2-level affiliate program. Deductions from invited users are not very high, so I sold referrals and have already earned over 430,000 rubles in total:
  4. Earnings on the refering. How to become a referrer?
  5. - monitoring of exchangers, which is suitable both for help in finding exchange points online and for earnings on partners. Pay a percentage of the profits of referrals of several levels, as well as for the fact that people just go to the site on your link. So far, the total profit is $ 1100, but this is only the beginning:
  6. Earnings on the refering. How to become a referrer?

If you are interested in how much I earn on other projects, look at the latest earnings report. There are screenshots of payments from a variety of systems, and almost every one of them I earn only from referrals.

Refraction without creating a site

Newbies often ask how to attract referrals if you don’t have a website. In fact, no other method can be compared in efficiency with the launch of its resource.

If you don’t understand anything about it, read the article about creating a blog. We have already written a lot of useful material for studying this sphere. If you don't like this option, you can use other methods:

  • thematic forums;
  • social networks;
  • YouTube channels;
  • banner rental on websites;
  • orders in ad networks;
  • Email newsletters;
  • comments on blogs;
  • personal recommendations.

There are plenty of other ways, but the most important thing is not to chase after the number of guests, but of the quality of the audience. It is better to have one referral, which brings $ 100, than a hundred referrals with low activity, not bringing a dollar a day.

It is profitable to invite people to high-yield investment projects. Financial pyramids on the Internet - this is a great option for the referrer, albeit a bit risky.

In the area of ​​earnings, earnings are quite real and can be successful. To begin with, you will have to make serious efforts, but then you will receive money for working with the people you invite. Try to start and invite somewhere at least your friends.

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