Earnings on the project Rublik (site closed)

Good day, readers of the Workion blog. ru. There are a lot of ways to earn money on the Internet and, making a general list, you can divide them into 2 groups, this is passive and active kind of earnings in the network.

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As you should have already guessed, an active way of earning is permanent labor contributions, and a passive one is creating one’s own or using a ready-made system.

Naturally, most of the attention, users who want to make money on the Internet, give a passive mind, because it allows you to make a profit, with minimal effort and time.

I advise you to watch the video lesson.

One of the types of systems that allow you to allocate profits without significant labor contributions is earnings on a video card. Those who understand computer systems know that every second a computer performs many different calculations and the more “powerful” components are installed, the faster and more these calculations are made.

Earnings on the project Rublik (site closed)

The Rublik project was closed, register on a similar project to make money on a video card - Ltcraft

How to make money on a video card

On this basis, each owner of a personal computer can use the resources of his computer, and for this purpose special programs have already been created that are easy to use.

Today you can find many different programs on the video card on the Internet, but among them I would like to highlight a service that allows you to use your program for a long period of time.

This is a Rublik project, where anyone can download a program that will automatically earn money without your participation. The essence of this project is simple, the site Rublik collaborates with the popular Bitcoin company, which need the computing power of video cards.

It is much easier to pay money for use by Internet users than to buy them, rent property for installation, and also systematically troubleshoot problems.

You, who want to make money, just need to download the program and install it on your computer, then make small changes in the settings and right after that money will be credited to your account.

Now let's look at everything with an example, so that later you will not have any difficulties:

Your first step on the way to earnings is to go to the Rublik site. com, where you download the program and then install it on your computer. When you start the program, if you download it for the first time, you will need to register:

Earnings on the project Rublik (site closed)

In the image you can see that registration is very simple and you only need to fill in 3 fields.

The second step is a setting that allows you to determine how much the program will use the computing resources of your video card:

Earnings on the project Rublik (site closed)

In this case, you can set the maximum value if your computer is not in use. Also, if necessary, you can reduce the amount of resources used or even stop the functionality of the program.

A frequent question that arises among users, how much can you earn in this way? It is impossible to give a definite answer, because it all depends on how powerful the video card is installed in your computer, and how often will you run the program.

In any case, you will have enough money to cover minimum expenses, such as cellular communication.

You can withdraw money at any time, but you will be offered several ways:

Earnings on the project Rublik (site closed)

Please note that you can withdraw money in 4 directions, therefore you Be sure to determine for yourself the best option. Making money is not so easy, so we must use every opportunity.

If there is such an option as to make your computer work, then why not do it. Having spent 5 minutes, you will get a stable source of profit, and let it not bring you large profits, but you can reduce some expenses.

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