Earnings on the project Rosen Rings

Earnings on the Internet, by joining financial pyramids, seems too risky for most users.

Yes, fraudsters often operate in this niche, but honest systems also appear with thoughtful matrices that really allow you to recoup the initial costs.

Earnings on the project Rosen Rings refers to the type of profit by joining MLM. Do not rush to conclusions, this project has appeared quite recently, and as you know, it is best to join the pyramids while they are at the development stage.

Some users who have already withdrawn money from there, make up reviews, they are not difficult to find through search engines.

Earnings on the project Rosen Rings

The project is closed

A working financial pyramid on the Internet

The project has a Canadian system for creating capital, which provides for the full distribution of profits among the participants.

In other words, all invested money is rationally divided into project participants. Immediately the question arises, what is the interest of the organizers? The fact is that for registration you will need to pay $ 50.

Thus, the project creators make a profit and it is simply not profitable for them to close it.

Earnings on the project Rosen Rings

How is the money distributed in Rosen Rings?

After registering in the system, you open your matrix with six open cells. Two of them are occupied by referrals of the first level, the remaining 4 cells receive the second level. From the invested funds of people of the first level, 85% are received by the person who invited you. From the second level by 85% you get (4 * 85 = 340%).

You can choose from different tariff plans for opening your own matrixes. Depending on how large your contribution will be, depends on the amount of payments. The following list will show the amount of deposits and the amount of payments with the matrix closed:

  • $ 25 - $ 85
  • $ 75 - $ 255
  • $ 150 - $ 510
  • $ 250 - $ 850
  • $ 500 - $ 1700
  • $ 1000 - $ 3400

What contribution do you decide to make you decide As you can see, the more you invest, the more you get.

Why only 85% is distributed?

At the very beginning of the article we indicated that the scheme distributes all 100% of the invested funds, but if we make calculations, it turns out that it is not allocated whole amount. The fact is that there is a bonus system here, which will also increase your income. From the third line you get 10% for each new member, and the remaining 5% leave you from the fourth level.

With this scheme you will be easier to understand. Simply put, 85% of the money of one of the participants goes to the person who invited him to the referrer, and the remaining 15% goes to even higher levels.

The scheme is, frankly, unusual and interesting, and most importantly, it really works and you can already evaluate its results. And so that you do not have doubts about the honesty of payments, here is a screenshot:

You can earn money on Rosen Rings, and most importantly, the project organizers thought up a separate option for themselves to make money. Thus, their financial pyramid develops, the money is distributed among the participants and they take nothing from there.

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