Earnings on the Internet. Which path to choose? - Profit Hunter

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Both newcomers and already experienced “Internet businessmen” were faced with the problem of choosing methods to further increase their profits. Jeffrey Smith at www.seodesignsolutions.com identified a few of these: SEO, SEM / PPC, branding, increased sales (due to increased interest in the product) and advertising.

Earnings on the Internet. Which path to choose? - Profit Hunter

Each of these techniques for increasing profits has its advantages, and replacing one with another is not always the best solution.

To answer the question which method is right for them First of all, you need to decide how far you have advanced in Internet earnings (you are already reaping the benefits, a specialist or are just starting) and what methods are already involved.

The next step is to understand the trade cycle, as well as the supply and demand of your audience and your company.

In addition, you need to highlight the reasons why you implement each of the methods (SEO, SEM / PPC, branding, sales increase or advertising), and to correlate these reasons with the most optimal solution for accomplishing the tasks (within the limits of budget and deadlines).

We remembered time and money for a reason, because they are the main stimulators of competition and successful online transactions.

If your goal is sustainable return on investment (and what else, if not this?), Then in no case do not lose sight of two things - this is (1) a search for applicable and beneficial strategies and (2) the need for their timely implementation (or, at least, go one step ahead of your competitors).

What do we sell and why?

As a rule, for most, the main goal is sales. So why do something that would have the opposite effect, instead of adapting to and overcoming circumstances? For example, (1) is the product seasonal ?; (2) Are there any more powerful spikes in demand in certain segments of the population compared to other ?; (3) What percentage of desired online audience? and is it possible to rally them using your chosen method?

Are you trying to promote your brand at the moment when all your attention should be focused on increasing the envelope of the goods? Do you like to attract an unsuitable audience for you, instead of directing forces to search for a narrow, but really worthwhile?

Do you impose your product on the wrong audience, while getting a tangible result?

Why appeal to an unresponsive audience if you can shovel dozens, hundreds, thousands of new customers with a shovel, using a different strategy in a new area of ​​interest? Thanks to the diversification of your earnings method (for example, advertising marketing using advanced articles and PPC conversion), optimization will appear in a completely different light.

Carelessness of actions can lead you to the last line or to bankruptcy; If you are losing money and are not able to establish a positive cash flow because you are following the wrong track, choosing one method or another: search engine optimization or making efforts in the wrong field of advertising and marketing, it means that you have time to change priorities and get on the right track.

Further details on each of the methods ...

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