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In previous articles, we looked at three techniques to promote a product on the market that Jeffrey Smith suggested to us — branding, advertising, and increasing interest in a product or service. And for dessert we have to figure out the last method - SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM / PPC (search marketing).

From the perspective of SEO, Jeffrey Smith believes that the need for PPC exists as a way out for those websites that do not want to adapt to constant change, and use SEO to keep up with competitors in the number of buyers.

If we talk about revenues, if they are high enough (for example, company A earns $ 100 on each product for one purchase and sale act, and for this they need to pay only $ 10 for PPC), then PPC is the perfect solution. PPC can provide significant traffic consisting of people looking for a similar product or service. Moreover, the company can thus preserve the integrity of its brand, since all its elements on the search engine are highlighted next to each other.

Jeffrey Smith advises that a company using the PPC method also conducts an SEO beta test so that you can determine how to increase the total sales of a product using alternative methods.

But no matter how effective a PPC is, it attracts a rather small audience. Only two out of ten choose PPC, and on a ten-point scale assessing the credibility of the reputation and rating of an editorial are higher than sponsored advertising (after all, a high rating must first be earned).

Simply put, if you get a huge income thanks to PPC, then it's time to take the bull by the horns. If you figure out all the points that, clinging one by one, direct traffic to your key PPC words, you can repeat them from time to time in order to receive regular income from such an expensive trade guide as the Internet.

Thus, as mentioned earlier, all these tactics — branding, advertising, increasing interest in the product, PPC and SEO — have their right to exist, and knowing when, why, and to what degree they should be used , you can find the perfect balance to optimize your online marketing policy.

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