Earnings on the Internet on audio. Audioostock Audiojungle

By linking earnings on the Internet with their interests, users take a sensible step, as this increases their desire for doing work and does not have to look for additional motivation. For example, each musician can earn on his work, using audio stocks.

Many creative people are already using their earnings on the Internet on audio.

AudioStock is one of the foreign leaders through which a huge number of different audio files are sold.

Despite the fact that the project is not translated into Russian, you will be able to compete with other musicians.

Earnings on the Internet on audio. Audioostock Audiojungle

How to make money on Audiojungle?

The music does not belong to any language, therefore, your work will be assessed as the work of other people.

After completing the standard registration on Audiojungle, you will be able to put up for sale not only musical works, but also sets of sounds or even created sound effects.

Do you consider yourself an insufficiently talented musician? And you go to the website Audiojungle and see what other users are selling. It is possible that on the general background, you will appreciate your audio files and you will understand that they really cost money.

Now the site has already loaded a huge amount of different audio goods:

Earnings on the Internet on audio. Audioostock Audiojungle

Thematic music of excellent quality is much better sold. This example presents several suggestions from musicians. Prices are for a one-time personal use license.

T. E. The buyer will be able to use the sound file only once, for example, to record a video. How many sales you can conclude is difficult to say, but the same song can be sold as many times as you like.

Moreover, you can receive serious deductions for selling other licenses:

Earnings on the Internet on audio. Audioostock Audiojungle

There are several licenses in total, and it depends on which buyer chooses and cost:

  • Standard License - allows you to use audio for no more than 10,000 copies of your goods.
  • Broadcasting (1 million) - provides an opportunity to broadcast music to an audience of up to 1 million people.
  • Mass broadcasting - in addition to broadcasting music, a buyer can sell their products with your song an unlimited number of times.
  • Broadcasting (10 million) - increases the number of listeners when broadcasting music.
  • Broadcasting and movies are the most expensive license from which the buyer gets full rights to your audio file.

What licenses will buy from you is difficult to say, but in any case, you will earn money on this. The most important thing is to try hard and add a really good product to the sale.

Money earned in the service can be transferred to PayPal, and from there to a bank card or other payment systems. Try to make money on your musical talent, if everything works out, then you will find the perfect job or at least part-time job.

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