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We have already discussed advertising and branding. The turn has come "Lead Generation". According to Wikipedia, the term "Lead Generation" is a marketing term and means creating or increasing the interest of a potential consumer to a product or service. Very often this term is associated with marketing activities aimed at expanding the opportunities for a company to sell a product or service.

Jeffrey Smith believes that the entire system of increasing interest in the product is based entirely on the decision-making process of the buyer. Accordingly, if the product or service is complex, then the decision-making process will be difficult. In this case, the most important thing is to calculate the most likely customers, and then study their education and awareness, before using more expensive resources. This gradual process of increasing interest in the product can last for months, and more than one specialist can be involved in this task.

Tactics of increasing interest, according to Jeffrey Smith, are most often used for expensive goods. Therefore, in order to extract as much benefit from this process, you need to constantly exert maximum efforts, use the maximum of available material and evidence of the quality of your product or service. In this case, you are more likely to attract a potential client.

Often this method is accompanied by marketing techniques such as “first purchase for free” or bonuses that are attached to the product or service.

Smith is convinced that increasing interest in the product opens up a long-term perspective. Thanks to this interest, you do not just think about where and how potential customers buy goods, you try to create chains of friends and various groups, in which satisfied customers will preach your goods.

Product promotion through satisfied customers and product promotion through increased interest can work hand in hand to ensure a constant flow of new interested customers. Therefore, if you do not use this method (because you think that it does not suit you), look at it from a different angle, and you may find new perspectives that this method opens up for you.

Do you need all this? Of course, it also depends on what you sell. But the more traffic you have with which you can diversify your income flow (through the advice of satisfied customers or through bonuses), the less you are dependent on the product or service you produce.

Thus, increasing interest in a product or service is a viable form of alternative income. However, in most cases, this tactic gives your business only a foothold, and, in order to sell a product, it alone is not enough.

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