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We’ll start to look at the methods of “branding.” First, see what it is. According to Wikipedia, branding is a set of images and concepts representing a manufacturer; those are definitions and symbols (such as the name logo, slogan, design solution), which reflect the essence of the company, product or service. The concept of branding can also be represented as feelings and expectations of using the product. A brand often includes a catchy logo, various types of fonts, colors, symbols and sound, the main the purpose of which Present a concept, idea or even a person in one light or another. The most important thing here is to create an atmosphere of trust.

Branding is the best option if you sell an expensive product, but is it necessary if you are selling small goods? In other words, does the visitor really care who you are? If you are trying to promote the brand of your product before the buyer decides if he really needs this product, and if you use the wrong tactics, then all your efforts are in vain.

And what if the brand is already well known and the buyer just wants to find the best?

It is quite risky to try to guess the potential consumer, and then try to get his attention, focusing on yourself and what Your product may be useful.

It will be much more practical to set a specific goal for conversion for each individual product or page, to determine a clear indicator of the effectiveness of your advertising (which works for itself and for further product promotion), and then draw further conclusions, instead of promote the brand of the product before you draw attention to it.

However, trying to attract the attention of an audience with which you are indifferent is also not the best solution. Your ultimate goal should be the perfect combination of the client’s desire with what you can offer him, as well as the ability to present all the benefits of your product so that your client is simply forced to buy it.

Without the above, all your efforts, money and time will go to the cat's tail. Do you really want to create a huge website for visitors to give them good advice and receive thanks for it, or do you want to sell?

The whole branding trick is that you must clearly understand when you need it, and when you need to do without it. If you are a successful autonomous company, most likely you have already formed a budget, since you have already planned the flow of funds and allocated funds for advertising (sources may be different).

In addition, many successful autonomous companies have already created their own brand and are now simply looking for ways to expand sales (even more often they prefer autonomous sales). These companies understand that 81% of network users use the name of their brand (despite all their attempts to change it), so it is very important for them to remain visible.

If you are part of a multi-step structure, the best way to spot your brand is viral marketing. A new company that is interested in your product can create its own unique offer and, accordingly, will want to establish strong business relations with you.

Thus, for them, conversion is a kind of ground for further business development. This makes them different from a smaller seller who is trying to sell you their goods or continue trade negotiations to cover their initial expenses.

For example, if you know that you only need to serve one customer to earn several thousand dollars (such as a bounty hunter / recruiter), then your sales methods will be radically different from those of a small retailer. whose net profit will be 40-50%. Profit is the frontier pillar that covers the missing internal resources and determines the tactics you use for each stage in product promotion, marketing and advertising.

The dollar is there, the dollar is here - this is important (the numbers don't lie). The size of your profit will depend on what method you take as the basis for achieving the goal. And it is not at all necessary for you to reduce all your assets to zero, in order to draw attention to the product, it is quite enough to correctly determine what needs to be introduced into the process in order to get the maximum from each dollar invested by you.

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