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And now a few words about advertising. And again, let's start with the definition of advertising that Wikipedia gives us. Advertising is a peculiar way of communication, the purpose of which, as a rule, is to convince potential buyers to buy a particular product or service.

According to Jeffrey Smith, in order to increase the demand for their goods or services, many creators of advertising try to strengthen the brand image and, consequently, loyalty to it. In order for the advertisement to reach the potential buyer, all available means - television, radio, cinema, magazines, newspapers, video games, the Internet and billboards are used.

Sometimes you just need to get to the bottom of the question - who, what, why, when, and how. And if you have the money to promote your product through advertising, then the best option for you is to search for banners and 125 x 125 ad formats that would send all traffic to your site.

Remember - for every 7 seconds of time, the maximum that your ad can count on is one second. The entire advertising policy is only one thing - LOCATION. Your advertisement can be huge, but its rating will be below zero, and maybe, if you find the right site for its placement, attract hundreds and thousands of new visitors. But for this, as you understand, you need to calculate these sites.

Many businesses, according to Jeffrey Smith, do not even think of posting their products online, unless they have extra funds they can spend on a new way to promote goods. It is also likely that brands and companies that are advertised on other sites are trying to strengthen their brand image in the SERP, which is part of their long-term strategy.

For example, you are on a large site (Tech Crunch, ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, or something like that) and you see an advertisement of a company. It will impress you, even if you do not click on it now.

However, the next time you browse search results (when you search for a similar product) and you stumble upon a product of that company that you have already seen on the aforementioned large site, the likelihood that you click on this time it will increase dramatically (after all, a reputable site is a reputable site).

And if someone else advises a third (even if the days and months pass), the same painfully familiar image will pop up in your memory and - here it is! The transaction is completed.

Simply put, although advertising in this form can be part of both short-term (click now) and long-term (remember me when you're ready to buy) strategies, it’s pretty difficult to trace its effectiveness, because you never know when and how a person came under the influence of your brand. There is nothing wrong with probing the ground under your feet (if you have every reason to believe that it is there) in order to gauge your profit.

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