Earnings on the game My Lands, sale of game currency

You were looking for an interesting job on the Internet, and you are a fan of online games? Then, after reading this article, you will find the work you have dreamed of.

Earnings on online games have already been distributed, for some games, partner programs have been created through which you can sell characters game currency, artifacts, etc. The only disadvantage is waiting until there is a buyer.

There are games that provide payments from the administration. In other words, you will not need to look for a buyer, you can sell game currency inside the game and get real money for it.

The most popular today is the game. This exciting strategy can be not only your hobby, but also a source of profit.

Earnings on the game My Lands, sale of game currency

Playing for money making

Making money on the game My Lands is ideal for some users, but don't rush to conclusions to get a decent amount, will have to try very hard. The number of players in My Lands is impressive, and the administration does not distribute money for nothing. The essence of the game is to build your own city.

As you progress, you will be able to attack opponents, participate in tournaments, collect various resources, complete quests and much more.

Earnings on the game My Lands, sale of game currency

This is how the city looks at the initial stage of development. Gradually, it will be possible to upset and create a powerful state with his army. There are several types of currency inside the game, you can only exchange it for real money (black pearl), you can get it in various ways, buy it at auction, rob ruins, capture salt lakes, etc.

The most important moment when using the game for earnings. To be able to withdraw funds, you will need to purchase a subscription:

Earnings on the game My Lands, sale of game currency

For 93 days, you can purchase a subscription for 1797 BC, and you will be provided with a premium account, the benefits of which are described in image. Naturally, from the very beginning you will not be able to find a CW to pay for a subscription, so you have to invest some money. Buy 1800 ChZ possible for $ 17.99.

We strongly recommend that you start the game My Lands with a free mode. Opportunities will be limited, but you can gain experience and understand all the intricacies of development. In addition, with free cities, you can negotiate losses with other users.

Just provide the opportunity to defeat your army and get money. There are many who wish to take advantage of this opportunity, but be careful, this is prohibited by the rules.

After you collect a certain amount and gain experience, create a new account and buy a subscription. It remains only to play and develop your city, systematically ordering payments.

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