Earnings on the game Energy-atom (energy-atom. Ru /)

It is quite realistic to make money on the game on the Internet, especially since many different projects have now been created for this.

The most popular withdrawal games are


, but besides them you can use other sites. The essence is almost the same everywhere, you need to invest a little and play to make a profit.

Earnings on the Energy-atom game can be started without investments. Different power plants are bought on this site, and when a lot of energy is gained, it can be sold. There are not so many functions in the game, the money on the full machine is credited to the account of the profile, where they can be easily transferred to the electronic wallet .

Earnings on the game Energy-atom (energy-atom. Ru /)

The game moved to a new domain -

How to make money on Energy-atom?

First you need to go through the usual registration for which you will receive solar power for free. She will immediately begin to generate energy, and you can get income from this. If you wish, you can purchase other stations in the store:

Earnings on the game Energy-atom (energy-atom. Ru /)

The more expensive the station, the higher its payback is . If it takes 5 months to pay off a solar power plant, then a nuclear power plant can return investments in less than 3 months:

Earnings on the game Energy-atom (energy-atom. Ru /)

Which station to buy, decide for yourself, of course, it’s profitable to buy the most expensive ones. Replenish the balance is easy and for this there are several ways. To transfer funds from your phone, e-wallet or bank card, use Free-Kassa:

Earnings on the game Energy-atom (energy-atom. Ru /)

As you can see, direct transfers are available only from two payment systems and the more money you deposit, the more bonus.

If you refill your account for 1000 rubles, you can buy two nuclear and one hydro-station, which will bring you each month for 432 rubles .

After purchasing the stations, they are added to your profile and through the section "Power Plants" you can watch their work:

Earnings on the game Energy-atom (energy-atom. Ru /)

In the upper right corner An asterisk with a number is displayed - it indicates the station level. You can increase it for 10% of the station cost, and the higher the level, the more expensive it is. Due to this, the payback is increased, i.e. the station brings more energy.

The repair button appears when the station status is below 82%. It is necessary to carry out repairs once a month for 10% of the cost of the power plant. If you miss this point and the scale reaches 0%, the energy will no longer be produced.

Under the scale of repair is the indicator of accumulated energy. The sell button appears after the station has generated more than 216,000 kW. With the sale you get the full amount to the main account and you can withdraw money from the game.

Money is withdrawn only on Payeer, do not forget to include your wallet in your profile.

The Energy-atom game is different from the analogs by the fact that it has several daily bonuses. Collecting them can not all, for some bonuses requirements are set:

Earnings on the game Energy-atom (energy-atom. Ru /)

Having collected each of the bonuses you need to wait 24 hours, some bonuses bring more money than cheap stations.

It is advantageous to invite referrals to the Energy-atom game. The referral system of 2 levels allows you to receive 10 and 5 percent from replenishments of involved participants.

There are not so many high-quality economic games, so be sure to register on the Energy-atom and start earning income even if you don’t invest anything. Thousands of players have already registered here and withdraw money every day, because they are so easy to earn.

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