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How to make a lot of money on the Internet, if there is not a lot of time and a lot of start-up capital? Many newcomers would like to get an answer to this question.

Given the minimum stock of knowledge in e-commerce, binary options or Forex trading are not suitable for novice users, but investment games are suitable.

Earnings on the game Coffee-farm ( the game is closed ) here is one of the best options that you can use with minimal investment.

All you need to do is plant your coffee tree and collect the beans to make a profit from it. At the start of the bonus is issued, so you can easily figure it out, even without investment.

Earnings on the game Coffee-farm | Workion. ru

How do they make money on the game Coffee-farm?

After passing the registration, it is better to deposit some money into the game, otherwise the income will be too small. Balance replenishment is done through Payeer, but there you can choose different methods (electronic currencies, bank cards, phone accounts, and so on).

After making a deposit, go to the store and buy a tree:

Earnings on the game Coffee-farm | Workion. ru

The cheaper the tree you buy, the less beans it brings. For registration, beginners are given a sprout, which produces 50 beans per hour. All the beans are collected and sold in the "Farm" section:

Earnings on the game Coffee-farm | Workion. ru

First you need to collect the beans, and then sell them. 100 beans is 1 coin , and 100 coins is 1 ruble . During the day, the sprout brings 1200 beans, this is 12 coins (12 kopecks). As you can see, the profit from the bonus is quite small, so you need to replenish the balance.

When you first replenish you will receive a bonus of + 50%, use this to buy the most expensive trees.

Coins obtained from the sale of beans are divided into balance sheets for purchases and withdrawals equally. That is, you can immediately withdraw half of the earned money from the game, but to activate the withdrawal function, you need to replenish your account with at least 50 rubles .

If you don’t make a deposit right away, use an exchanger and grow from a bonus sprout. When you transfer money to the account for purchases from the balance for withdrawal, an additional 20% is charged.

Every day, Coffee-farm users receive a bonus of up to 100 coins, do not forget to collect it.

In addition, you can provide additional income by attracting referrals. From deposits of invited people to you 15% are charged. How you will advertise your affiliate link is not important, you can create topics on forums, use social networks or enter it in comments on blogs.

Now the Coffee-farm project is just beginning to gain momentum and is not yet very popular, but this is a great option to attract new participants.

Also, do not forget that besides this game there are more popular projects -, and. Large start-up capital is not required in any game.

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