earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

Easy work on the Internet helps thousands of users earn extra money.

Without special knowledge in the network, you can earn money. Daily on the forums, blogs, social networks and other sites leave a lot of comments, and for this you can get money by completing tasks.

Earnings on comments is unlikely to lose relevance, since wrapping comments helps to revive the audience.

Imagine how good the Vkontakte group looks when there are a lot of meaningful comments under the posts or even dialogs are conducted. Only this may be of interest to the target audience.

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

How does earnings work on comments and who pays for it?

When newcomers are offered some sort of simple earnings, they are overwhelmed doubt. I just can not believe that someone is willing to spend money on work that can be done independently. Site owners can actually write their own comments, but it takes a lot of time and texts get monotonous.

Why make comments at all? First, it revives the site, people communicate, they see active discussions and more often use the form of commenting. Secondly, it has a positive effect on the promotion of the resource. Texts of comments are also taken into account by search engines.

If you decide to do this, then do not even think about writing something like "Useful article", "Thank you, I found it useful." Nobody needs such entries, advertisers want to see high-quality, detailed texts on the topic. It is better that this is any question, a request for help, or vice versa, an answer to another user's post.

Example of making money on writing comments

Are you afraid that this job does not suit you? Do not worry, the method is invented for beginners. No investment is necessary, you only need to register on a special site. The list of resources is presented below, now let's consider an illustrative example by doing one task:

  1. First, we find the appropriate order and see how much money is paid for a certain number of characters. Compare with other orders, the price should be average:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. Payment of 7 rubles for 150 characters is quite good. Now carefully read the conditions so as not to miss a single requirement:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. In our case, you need to write a positive comment about the site and tell about its usefulness. The customer indicated that it is required to leave entries under certain posts. If everything is clear and the work is suitable, scroll the page and proceed to the execution:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. Go to the site, as explained in the description. Go to the page where comments are paid for, and write the text:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. Now we need to return to the task description in order to send a report on the work done. To do this, fill in several fields, with this you will understand exactly, as they are marked:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

Now the order is being checked and you need to wait for the advertiser to look at the report. Only after that money is credited to the balance. Carefully treat each requirement, the conditions are specified arbitrarily, they are not denied payment without reason, and if this happens, write to the moderators, they will figure it out.

Simple earnings on reviews and comments

To begin such work, you will need to use special services. Tasks with comments are added on different services, here are the best projects:

  1. . Specialized commentary exchange, where authors and those who want to make money on the Internet from comments are registered.

Everything is simple, go through the registration and start to fulfill the available orders. The prices are the highest, there are always a lot of offers, and there are also tasks not related to commenting (for example, joining social network groups).

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. . Once this service was created for promotion through forums, and now it is earned in many ways.

Tasks with comments are often found here, some of them require the use of social networks. The rewards are also quite good, but you have to work hard, as you most often order comments with links.

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. . A popular copywriting exchange has long introduced an assignment system. In addition to orders for writing articles, here give a lot of small orders.

Now in the reviews and comments section there are 92 active tasks. The remuneration varies from a few cents to a few dollars, and in parallel you can perform other simple work.

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. Seosprint. The project offers not only earnings on the comments. Here are the most jobs for beginners.

Payment is not the highest, but you can work without stopping.In the section of assignments, filter the list by category "Posting" and you will receive all the earnings proposals on the comments.

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. Wmmail. The most versatile click sponsor, where decent rewards for completing tasks.

To get a list of relevant orders, also apply filters and see only those tasks in which you need to post. In addition to assignments, pay attention to the section with articles where you can sell texts on any subject.

  1. . The service is designed to work in social networks, so commenting tasks here are most often associated with social profiles. networks.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to filter the task feed on this site, so you will have to look for suitable instructions manually. Some tasks are well rewarded, there is no minimum salary here , so you can immediately withdraw money.

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

Making comments is not so difficult, the main thing is to learn how to keep good notes. Such cheat is used to show the activity of the audience, so comments like "Hello" or "Everything is well written," just do not fit.

Make a meaningful text, at least 2-3 large sentences . Satisfied customers will never refuse to pay you.

Other sites for making money on movie comments and more.

The above are the main services where users earn money on various tasks, including those related to commenting. In fact, these resources are much more. In order to always have an available job and there were several sources of profit, it is better to register on all sites:

  1. Socpublic - there are many interesting tasks on the click sponsor, there is also a work on commenting on forums, blogs and other sites.
  2. - another mailer, where there are also many orders. Consider all offers, follow the most advantageous.
  3. - the old proven books, a lot of orders, some are associated with comments, the money is paid even on the phone.
  4. is a earnings forum where money is paid for messages. If you create a big useful topic, you will get up to 2,000 rubles for it (this can be a review).
  5. - earnings on likes and comments via social networks. There are the highest rates in comparison with similar systems.
  6. - people sometimes order services through the freelance market, are willing to write a lot of comments (for example, to promote a forum).
  7. - earnings on writing articles and comments, as well as on the sale of photos, this copywriting exchange offers.
  8. - another exchange of articles where new orders often appear, in some of them they are asked to leave a comment.

This selection is exactly enough to find the right orders. All projects are used by site owners, forums and even groups in social networks who want to revive their sites. Help them to do it, and they will pay generously for the work. You can even get on a permanent basis and consistently receive a salary.

How much can you earn on the comments?

The question is important, but difficult. Watching the statistics of the authors, unambiguous conclusions can not be done. Someone receives over 15,000 rubles a month, and someone is barely gaining 100 rubles. Why? Because everyone spends different times and has different skills.

On average, they pay for a small comment in 150-200 characters for 3-5 rubles . It’s realistic to earn 100 rubles per hour, and 300 rubles in 3 hours. In this situation, for a month, 9,000 rubles is running in and this is far from the ceiling.

For solid earnings in this niche, it is advisable to use copywriting exchanges. There career, rating and reviews greatly affect the income of performers. An experienced author receives lucrative offers, and at the expense of a full hand, he copes with the work as quickly as possible. So that you have an idea of ​​what you can count on, I will show you how much I bring up with Qcomment:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

Authors' incomes vary, each has their own pace and experience. Even the speed of printing texts affects the profit. Have to practice to collect normal amounts. One thing is for sure, there is money in this niche and it is very big.

Earnings on reviews

A related form of earnings on the Internet, it is somewhat different from commenting. Immediately I would like to say that all the above sites are also suitable for finding orders for writing reviews. However, there are separate services for this. Of the most popular, only 3 projects stand out:

  1. - at least once a month you need to publish reviews on this site at least something. Mandatory requirement is personal experience and photos. People write about gardening, hotels, baby food and much more. Take a picture of everything in your house and express your opinion about the product (the negative is also paid).The minimum reward is 50 rubles for 1000 views:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. is a similar site, only here the rate is fixed (more than 50 rubles for 1000 views are not paid). The rest of the site is no different, share your opinion and get a stable contribution. Choose something popular so that your reviews collect maximum views:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

  1. - with the previous site this project is similar in design. Only rates increased (100 p. For 1000 views). Payments can be ordered every day on Webmoney. To increase the number of views, post links to reviews through the forums, social. networks and any other sites:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

At first, the minimum contributions come from reviews, but they are stable. In addition, the term of transfer of funds is not limited. Post as many articles as you can, even if they receive a ruble a day from them, it will be an excellent indicator.

The main questions on earnings on the comments

Basically, this work is done by beginners, and they do not understand everything well. No one wants to make mistakes or immediately get a ban for breaking the rules. For more productive work, it is worth understanding the nuances. We will consider the most popular questions of those who start making money on writing reviews and comments:

  1. What is the difference between reviews and comments?

Users often confuse earnings on the comments and earnings on reviews. Comments are small posts under posts. They may not be useful information, some leave questions to them. Reviews should be meaningful and express an opinion on an object. Here the volume of the article plays an important role, the larger the better.

  1. In what way is it better to raise income?

You need to learn how to write, write more time and learn. Also, on all presented sites there is an affiliate program. Through it, you can search for other authors of reviews and comments. They will work, and the system will accrue a percentage of the profit for inviting an audience. For example, Tutux pays 20% of referral income.

  1. How to write reviews and comments correctly?

Few beginners take this job seriously. In vain, because only experienced professionals manage to earn good money. To never refuse to pay and reviews collected a lot of views, consider these rules:

  • carefully read the conditions, follow all customer requirements;
  • do not rush to write a comment, you need at least run through the headings to understand what is being said;
  • check texts for errors, no one needs illiterate records of schoolchildren;
  • never use other people's records, write on your own, customers are also unique ;
  • When writing a review, it is advisable to rely on your own experience and tell truthful information;
  • to try to trim the reviews relevant goods and services, it helps to collect more views;
  • operate stably, give out at least an hour every day.

It’s hard to figure everything out right away, and if you don’t have a mentor, then you can’t clarify some details. We have chosen only the TOP questions of newbies, if you still do not understand something, please contact us through comments, I constantly review them and help my readers.

Questions and Answers - an alternative to making money on comments on the Internet

There are many websites on the Internet where you can also earn money. If we consider the options in which you want to write small texts, then paid questions and answers - this is an excellent method. The best site for such earnings is called, there are already a lot of questions added:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

As is the case with review systems, this site is paid for views. Each question page brings credits, of which 20% get the author of the question, and the remaining 80% are distributed among the authors of the best answers. The amount can be arbitrary, it all depends on the popularity of the issue.

You can simultaneously earn paid surveys and answer questions in the


Another popular project where money is paid for the answers to questions is called. It is not so popular and only the authors of the answers get money here. The rate is fixed, 1 cent for 100 characters, and the maximum payment is 10 cents (i.e., it is better to write answers for 1000 characters):

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

Money is credited only for answers to paid ones questions Also, the author must have an avatar installed and the "About me" field. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1.

Working with questions and answers is as simple as using commentary exchanges. Earnings are about the same, but you don’t have to write large texts.In addition, there are so many questions that with any knowledge you can find the right topics.

How to make money on the comments of 50 000 rubles?

Customers pay for posting comments not only on their sites. Sometimes they are asked to post their links on other people's resources. Thus, they receive targeted traffic, and if you are ready to post comments, then why not immediately start posting your own links?

Not all resources are moderated, often there are pages where there are a lot of spam in the comments. Surprisingly, this method works and due to it I once recruited referrals to mailers. It looks like this:

earnings on the comments and reviews, the most reliable

It is important not only to leave a link, but also to write at least a couple of sentences. In this case, even if the site administrator sees the record, he may not delete it. You can attract referrals to all the systems presented above or use this list:

  1. - look for traders to trade in binary options. The broker will give you up to 70% of their profits.
  2. - according to the partnership program of this economic game, deductions amount to 8. 5% of the referral deposit (money is invested in a taxi).
  3. - the click sponsor credits the ruble for the referral who received the payment. Plus accrued interest on his income.
  4. - the advertising network pays from 5% to 10% of the referral income. The percentage depends on the total amount of revenue attracted customers.
  5. - webmasters sell links, advertisers buy them. From the commission of service 25% are charged, both from expenses, and from incomes of referrals.
  6. - service for earnings on likes and other cheat in social. networks. From earnings accrue 5%, from the balance to 26%.
  7. - automatic earnings on advertising in the browser, through the extension. Only 10 levels of referrals with the maximum contributions of 10% of income (from all lines).
  8. - pays for 15. 5 rubles for each referral who filled in personal data and passed at least one survey (the system of earnings on filling in questionnaires).
  9. - the payment system has an affiliate program. From the commission of referrals money transactions up to 25% are charged (depending on the total turnover).
  10. - the system of cheating on social networks is ready to give partners 5% of all income and expenses of referrals.

The rules of any affiliate program indicate that spamming is prohibited. Therefore, never send referral links. Some text must be present in the comment, it is desirable that it is different on each site (at least a little).

Share your ref. reference from the affiliate program

. It charges money only for the fact that people follow the link to monitoring exchangers.

Earn money on comments is not a myth, it is already engaged in thousands of people from around the world. Writing small texts is easier than ever, especially if you understand the topic. Try to do this, deposits are not required here, so you risk nothing.

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