Earnings on tattoo designs with Create My Tattoo

Creative people with good imagination and the ability to create unusual drawings can apply their talents for different types of earnings.

We have already talked about how to make money on photo stocks. You can sell vector graphics, photos and images, but there are more interesting options.

Earnings on sketches of tattoos, how do you like such a creative option? You will say that these services are not in demand and do not earn much money.

In RuNet it can be, and if you go beyond it, you can receive huge amounts in hundreds of dollars in just one sketch. Especially for this service has already been created.

Earnings on tattoo designs with Create My Tattoo

Sell tattoo sketches on Create My Tattoo

This unique service does not have Russian localization, but an ordinary translator will be enough to register and figure out what is required to the customer.

Every day thousands of people come to the service who draw sketches or order original tattoos.

Everyone has different tastes, someone wants an anime-style tattoo, some need rocker-style tattoos, and girls can order something related to love.

Going to the tattoo artist, you need to submit a specific pattern to him, so that you won’t be surprised that he filled it “at his discretion”:

Earnings on tattoo designs with Create My Tattoo

Just imagine for one sketch you can get more than $ 300 (at today's rate, it is more than 20 000 rubles). Serious money, but newcomers have nothing to do here.

You must be a true professional to win the competition. Yes, here the best works are determined by competitions that last about 15 days. Clients make up a description of their dreams and set a price, and you need to develop something interesting and present the work:

Earnings on tattoo designs with Create My Tattoo

Even without knowing a foreign language, you can figure out what the customer needs (although it is better not to risk and in any forum to ask to correctly translate a small text).

Do not worry, no one can take advantage of your work until they pay the money. The minimum payment here is $ 20, but it rarely chooses.

Also, you should not worry that you will work in vain and will not win the competition. At Create My Tattoo you can set up finished works and sell them at your own price:

Earnings on tattoo designs with Create My Tattoo

For finished works, the minimum price is $ 5.95, and the main advantage is selling the rights to use. Simply put, you can sell the same sketch as many times as you like.

The Create My Tattoo project is foreign, so all the calculations here are done through PayPal.

Create your own store with tattoo designs and start earning foreigners. They are generous and willing to pay big money for such work.

Well, in conclusion, we will advise all creative people to learn how to make money by selling photos. This is also a profitable way, where you can get paid several times for one shot.

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