Earnings on supplies from China, where to find suppliers?

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Earnings on supplies from China, this is a real activity that thousands of people are already engaged in today. It is not a secret for anyone that prices in China are significantly lower than in Russia, and this difference can be earned.

Earnings on supplies from China, where to find suppliers?

What products to use for making money on supplies?

There is no certain type of goods, you can combine your own interests with the business. For example, one of my friends started with nails, and gradually developing, opened her own shop for beauty salons. How did she do it? Initially, the profit was not substantial, but at the expense of buying consumables in China, she managed to save significantly.

Gradually, she established a stable relationship with suppliers and opened an online store, being an intermediary between the manufacturer and customers. Start-up capital was required solely for the development of the resource and advertising.

The scheme of work with suppliers is the following: you choose the product you want to sell, agree with the supplier on its implementation and look for customers to buy. Having found a potential client, you offer him a purchase, get paid and transfer some of it to the supplier’s account, which in turn sends the goods.

For everything to be convenient, when filling in the application, you specify the recipient address of your client. Thus, your job is only to distribute advertising and process applications. Production, packaging and shipping become the actions of your partner.

Earnings on supplies from China, where to find suppliers?

How much can you earn on shipments from China?

It all depends on you. The more efficiently you look for customers and the more products you can sell, the greater will be your profit. Studying the activities of some entrepreneurs who are engaged in the supply of goods from China, we came to the conclusion that even with one transaction you can get more than $ 100.

Look at the prices of cell phones on the Internet, in China they are asked for half the price, so you can definitely make a profit.

One of the best online stores of Chinese goods.

Earnings on supplies from China, where to find suppliers?

Where to find suppliers? Again, use the Internet. Search engines will allow you to find many potential partners with whom you can collaborate. Naturally, it will be difficult to start, but be patient, your business needs time for development.

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