Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

Newbies are often afraid to start working on the Internet, because they believe that everyone around them is trying to deceive them.

There are a lot of scammers in the network, but there are also easy ways to earn money where you don’t need to invest anything. It is enough to register on the clique sponsors and after a few hours you can withdraw the first money.

Earnings on a click sponsor will be suitable for beginners and those who want to build a referral network. Webmoney is required at registration on this site, so start by registering with the payment system. The project has been working since 2010 and has collected a lot of positive feedback over its lifetime.

Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

How to make money with the Staffbux mailer?

When you switch to registration, you will need to log in through Webmoney and then fill in the form:

Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

When you have completed the registration, you can proceed to work immediately. Surfing, writing and paid clicks are one and the same. You will need to follow the links and watch the sites:

Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

You will not earn much on this, therefore it is better to pay attention to the tasks. This section publishes small instructions from advertisers that you can perform as much as you want and earn good money:

Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

In assignments, you may be required to register, download files, watch videos, join Vkontakte groups and much more. Even children cope with the work, and if you are active, you can quickly dial a good amount.

Affiliate Program Staffbux

When you earn the first money, be sure to praise your friends and give them a referral link. Each attracted user makes a profit. How much exactly depends on your rating:

Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

For your referrals to be active, add a greeting, answer their questions and install a refback . When telling acquaintances, a large number of people are not attracted to the system, therefore use forums and social networks.

If there is some money (you can earn it on assignments), use the "auto-referral" function or buy referrals on the stock exchange.

  1. Auto-referral - function for getting free referrals. Pay 300 rubles per month and the administration attaches to you users who register by direct link.
  2. Referrals Exchange - referrals are put up for sale by other participants. Why do they sell referrals? Not everyone is ready to wait for a profit, and sometimes money is urgently needed. You can buy as many referrals as you like:

Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

It’s profitable to build a referral network, since active users can make a good profit.

If one of your referrals sells a referral, you get 2% of the amount.

Also, you can focus on attracting advertisers. From the income of the system with the money spent by them, you can get up to 50% . But to reach this percentage of deductions, it will take over 100 days to order advertising ( 2 days - 1% ).

Withdrawing money from Staffbux

To order payment from the site, you need to dial at least 50 kopecks . Payment systems are used for withdrawal:

Earnings on Staffbux: tasks, clicks, surfing sites

In the profile, you must prescribe payment details in advance. Money is withdrawn up to 3 business days, but, as a rule, it comes faster.

Of course, the Staffbux service is not as popular as Seosprint or Wmmail, but you can also use it to make money. And if you get bored, you can play on Staffbux in the National Security Committee or an eagle and tails for real money.

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