Earnings on source codes of programs, how to earn a programmer

On the Internet, you can earn money on sales of various “goods” including software products. Many novice programmers, who are just beginning to learn programming languages, want to get a stable job, but according to their own knowledge, they believe that they are not able to develop complex projects.

Earnings for programmers can be organized even with a minimum of knowledge. In particular, I would like to draw attention to earnings on the source code of programs.

Every novice programmer has some "lessons" that were created in the process of gaining experience. If you are a novice programmer, and some sources are also present on your computer, you have a chance to make money.

Earnings on source codes of programs, how to earn a programmer

How to make money for the programmer?

Who needs your "beginnings"? As practice shows, you can find a lot of buyers for their work, who would like to reduce their own effort.

One of my fellow programmers kept many different things on his computer. My proposal to implement all of his scripts was puzzling, he believed that no one needed his work. The first money managed to get almost immediately after he placed his "goods" on the freelance market.

The same script was implemented three times, despite the fact that it was incomplete. Having tasted the opportunity to earn on the source code of their programs, my friend began to lay out all his materials, which were stored in the folder "junk".

Earnings on source codes of programs, how to earn a programmer

Developing his career, he had to refine his programs and fulfill some requirements of buyers , but he was paid great money for this. After a long work with the buyers of his "developments", he managed to gain a base of regular customers, and now he executes orders without having to visit the freelance exchanges.

At first glance, your source programs may seem confusing and not literate, but try putting them on the exchanges. It is possible that Internet users will be interested in your work. Among the source programs that were implemented by my friends were various calculators, 1C forms and other simplest software .

If you have some knowledge of programming languages, then why not take advantage of this and try to create an unusual project. It is possible that all your achievements will interest a potential employer, and you will get a high-paying job.

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