Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

One of the most popular entertainment of modern people is computer games. They spend a lot of time, and many do not even notice how their lives fly by.

But you can really turn your passion into earnings. The experience and knowledge that you get during the game, will be useful for work or at least part time job.

Earnings on CS GO skins and how to get free skins? This option is suitable for all fans of the most popular shooter and not only.

The methods that you will learn about now will allow you to apply your earnings on the skins of games, absolutely any (including Dot). And to invest money in it or not, decide for yourself.

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

Earn CS GO

skins To make a profit for a virtual product, you first need to get it. Below we will look at the main ways of collecting skins, but for now let's look at a site for making skins . The project is called and on it players earn game currency, carrying out various tasks.

After the usual registration (authorization through social networks), you enter the personal account, where the available instructions are located. There are a lot of them in this system, the list is constantly updated:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

Most often, orders are related to online games - to register, several levels, etc. However, there are alternative orders such as issue a bank card, register on any site, place an order.

If you are ready to take on some kind of work, simply click "Run" and you will be transferred to the site where the conditions are met. You should also pay attention to promotions:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

With them you can quickly collect loans, plus there is an affiliate program (you invite friends, you get rewards for it). Install the mobile application, perform tasks from your smartphone. When you collect a lot of credits, you can transfer them to Steam and buy CS GO skins:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

As already mentioned, fans of different games use this site. Earned credits are quickly converted into in-game currency on various projects. There is even a transfer to social networks or online stores.

There are other sites for making skins in CS GO, but the conditions for them are not so favorable. Use your free time to complete orders on cheat, nothing complicated, start-up capital is gained quickly, and how to use it, we will tell a little below.

5 ways to get skins for sale

The easiest way is to buy skins at a bargain price and resell them with your mark-up. However, to get a decent profit, you will have to make large contributions. Not everyone agrees on this (someone simply has no money). There are several ways to get skins of COP GO for free:

  1. The simplest and most well-known method is dropping objects once a week. Experienced players know that a random skin from a random collection is given for leveling. The chances that something worthwhile will fall are scanty, but they are there, so hope for luck.
  2. The second method is also popular, this is the opening of cases . Youtube is overwhelmed with videos with anboxing, streamers also open boxes in the broadcasts. Viewers like to watch it. The likelihood that something will come out is much higher.
  3. The next option is exchange . You can always find other shooter fans who would like to exchange items. Some of them are not well versed in skins and do not know what their real price is, use this trump card.
  4. An unusual way to get expensive skins, is to use the services of jackpots . On them, users add all their skins to take part in the draw. Lucky only one, he breaks the jackpot. There are many sites for such earnings of skins (for example,).
  5. If you ever went to streamer broadcasts, you should have watched the audience send them CS GO skins just like that, as a gift to. Why not take advantage of it if there is a good diction and spend a lot of time at the computer. Interesting? Read the article on how to become a streamer. Due to this, it is realistic to collect not only skins, but also real money.

The first 4 ways are labor intensive and do not bring as much benefit as the last. I strongly recommend to try yourself in the role of a streamer, because these are broad prospects and serious opportunities. In the future, you can turn your games into a source of huge profits.

Where to sell CS GO skins?

When you get skins in any way, you need to use the services on which transactions are conducted. A lot of them have been created, now the developers know how popular CS GO is, so they are launching more and more interesting projects.

It is better to choose those sites where the most customers are:

  1. - one of the oldest sites with huge turnover. In addition to the fact that skins are sold and exchanged here, you can bet and win prizes.The only negative service is a long withdrawal of funds. Lasts from 3 to 5 days, and 5% commission is charged.
  2. - compared to the previous resource, this is a beginner. However, there are also many popular buyers. It is used by experienced streamers, and the money is withdrawn almost anywhere. The transfer of funds is done in a couple of minutes, there are no commissions at all (if you use the payment within a few days).
  3. - something like a huge bulletin board through which CS GO skins are sold. Users themselves decide what price to set, transactions are held daily. Payments are fast, promotions and bonuses are held extremely rarely, here you can really find profitable offers.
  4. is a simple site, here you can exchange your skins, choosing from a huge assortment of offers. We'll have to dig in a whole bunch of shirpatrepa to find something interesting. The price tag here is not the best picture, but the money paid out quickly and hold different actions.
  5. - purchase and sale of game gear is available. The prices are not bad here, rare skins of the COP GO often come across. The main disadvantage is a large commission when replenishing. The competition on the site is huge, they don’t spend promotions here, but they quickly pay money.
  6. - suitable for selling, buying or exchanging skins. The commissions are different, and only positive reviews about the site. Really find expensive skins at an attractive price. Many payment systems are connected, the output is fast. The service is proven, but support on it works poorly.
  7. - the site has Russian, which distinguishes it from its counterparts. It is a trade skins. This project often sponsors eSports tournaments, they have a blog and much more. In addition, there are draws of skins CS: GO. The system takes 10% of the transaction, while another 7% is withdrawn.

This list of trading platforms is quite enough to search for buyers or search for lucrative offers. Unfortunately, in some stores there is only English, so you have to understand the interface with the translator.

How to sell CS GO skins?

Perhaps someone else has never sold game items from a famous shooter. It is not easy to figure out how the services for the sale of skins work. Therefore, we have made detailed instructions for beginners.

The manual is written in, where skins are redeemed quickly and without hassle, and the money is displayed in different ways:

  1. Log in to your Steam account and add a Trade URL so that the system processes inventory. After that, choose a skin and its cost is shown:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

  1. Under the sale amount, a list of available withdrawal methods is shown. It can be QIWI, Bitcoins, PayPal, Webmoney or a bank card. Commission is charged only when using the latter method:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

  1. After clicking the "Get money" button, a notification appears that you need to confirm the exchange of the skin for money with bot:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

  1. Using your Steam account, you confirm and receive a new alert from the system:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

It’s not difficult to sell CS GO items for real money, you can see this right now. But remember, the system does not offer the highest prices, sometimes it is more profitable to put up "goods" for sale through ads.

Earnings on the resale of skins of CS GO

Real professionals who know how much this or that skin is worth, earn good money on resale. To do this, they invest their own money in the purchase of "goods".

You can start with a few dollars, gradually evolve. For this, all the platforms we have described above and these services will be useful to you:

  1. - a huge selection of CS GO skins, reasonable prices. It is only suitable for the purchase of skins, the sale function is not available here. Compared to the price in Steam, skins can cost 50% cheaper. Commission service takes only when using bank cards.
  2. - in the world this site is considered the most popular. A commission of 10% is charged, but it can be reduced by paying $ 6 (up to 5%). The paid rate is valid for a month, so you need to quickly make purchases. To use the system, you need an account on Steam level 5 or higher.
  3. - foreign service, with a large number of users. First, you can sell items with a commission of 5%, but then it decreases. The bot immediately buys skins, instant transactions. As for sales to other users, then you have to wait.

On Opskins, it's best to sell skins, use the rest of the sites to look for great deals.

Please note that a part of the profits will be eaten by the commission, so it is better to conduct transactions only if the income exceeds 5% of the transaction. And of course, it is better to buy and sell expensive skins, otherwise the profit will be minimal.

How profitable is earnings on resale of skins?

Not many people think how profitable it can be to work with game skins. This really makes a lot of money, and to verify this helps already mentioned service Opskins. The main page contains items, you can click on their name and find the price dynamics:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

See, a knife worth $ 1037, in June 2017 it was sold for only 380. $ 89 . Perhaps someone urgently needed money, there are other reasons. But someone managed to buy such an expensive skin 3 times cheaper.

Then you can quickly and easily sell it for at least $ 1000. Such examples are complete:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

When the price difference is more than $ 100, such transactions can be considered the most profitable. Of course, catching skins for sale, cheaper than average prices is hard, but also hard to spin in any other niche. Easy money is nowhere, and here you can combine your hobbies with a profitable business.

Betting on CS GO - earnings for fans of the game

We are sure that this article will be interested in true fans of the COP GO. Associated with their interests and another interesting way to make money.

In large bookmakers (such as the League of Betting) bets are accepted on players in CS GO tournaments. They are held all the time, you should have at least heard about it:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

As with conventional sports betting, you are allowed to bet money on the victory of one of the teams. If it is weak, the ratio is high, the coefficient is reduced for the favorite. In addition, you can make bets with increased odds:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

To open a bet, you need to click on the coefficients of the selected match results. They are added to the coupon, where you register the amount of the bet and immediately see the expected winnings:

Earnings on skins CS GO, sites for earnings skins

For those who follow the CS GO tournaments, this will definitely be useful information. You can win huge sums, empathizing with their idols.

Earnings on the CS GO skins are not a myth, many people actually do it. It is important to navigate well in the prices of different items, so that when a profitable offer appears, immediately take advantage of this.

Experienced players are well versed in prices, so this type of earnings they can afford.

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