Earnings on sim cards, with the help of activations

Each person holding a passport can purchase an unlimited number of SIM cards. Many mobile operators literally distribute their cards for free, since after the purchase the amount spent on the purchase of a SIM card is already on the balance of the phone.

With several sim cards, you can make money on the Internet, and you will have various options that can be combined . To use the earnings on sim cards, you need to know about all the available options. In this article, we have collected the most successful ways.

Earnings on sim cards, with the help of activations

How to make money on SIM cards?

One of the best options is to use affiliate programs. Many different services pay money to attract new users. For example, it can be dating sites, online games or online casinos.

Affiliate program rules indicate that a payment can only be received for verified users, and in order to pass this test, you need to attach a phone number.

You have several SIM cards, which means that you can independently register and verify accounts. Find affiliate programs with pay per action at ActionPay or Admitad.

Earnings on sim cards, with the help of activations

Simple earnings on sim cards

If you don’t want to register with affiliate programs, risk blocking, etc., you can help in cheat to other users. Clicking sponsors post offers to register with activity and phone number verification.

You receive the payment immediately after checking the registration completed, and it is charged to the internal account in the account. For example, on Wmmail, you can withdraw money even if you only have one cent on the account. Based on this, after passing at least one registration, you can already withdraw money to your Webmoney wallet.

Earnings on sim cards, with the help of activations

Here is an example of one of the tasks in which you need to fulfill an order with confirmation by phone. For the job you get a dollar. Suppose you have 10 sim cards, so you can earn $ 10 in just one task, and there are quite a lot of such tasks, and all of them involve using different sites.

In some cases, you just need to go to a dating site, create an account and go through the check through the phone number.

Also, you can register various accounts on, Odnoklassniki and other projects with checking the phone, and then set up accounts for sale. It’s hardly possible to make a lot of money by selling accounts, so it’s best to use affiliate programs or to facilitate the work and register on the mailers.

On the Wmmail site you will find the largest number of tasks, if they run out, you can use similar systems, in the article the best mailers we have compiled a list of the most popular projects.

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