Earnings on signals. How to sell signa not taking pictures?

Internet users are often limited to information already received and do not even consider additional ways of earning, which can bring a good income.

Signal creation services are quite common in social networks, and if you do this and attract a lot of customers, you’ll get profit decent.

What are signals and how to make money on them? Signals are photographs in which a person is represented, and in his hands is a sheet of paper on which some text is written.

Most often, the signa is made directly on the body, especially if it is a girl with a sports figure . Many are used to the fact that the signals are from a part of erotica, but such pictures can be of decent content.

Earnings on signals. How to sell signa not taking pictures?

How to make money on signals?

The easiest way to make money is to promote your page and to constantly search for customers. For this case, it is better to have a separate page, especially if you plan to sell frank signals.

Every day Vkontakte there is a huge number of signals and their authors get profit from their clients for this.

After creating a profile, you need to add to different groups related to signals, as well as add as many friends as possible. For quick dialing of subscribers and friends, use special services:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

The more actively you develop your profile, the more people will enter it, respectively, and there will be a lot of orders. Lead an active life on social networks and do not forget to put an attractive avatar (preferably with your ID's signal).

How to sell signals without taking pictures?

It’s not necessary to have a smart figure or sell your photos for a living. You can become a professional Photoshop and fake a photo. This way of earning is not entirely honest, but it brings additional income.

As with the usual earnings on the signals, you need to create a separate profile, then look for a female profile with a large number of photos (it should be attractive). Be sure to make sure that she has a few photos that are suitable for adding a signal in Photoshop.

Further, all according to the standard plan - you are promoting your page and attracting customers .

Not many people agree to sign up for votes, this can be your advantage, since you can easily exchange votes for money.

To exchange Vkontakte currency for real money, use any click sponsor. For example, on Wmmail there are tasks where you need to transfer voices to an advertiser:

Earnings on signals. How to sell signa not taking pictures?

You can find the same tasks on another click sponsor of Seosprint:

Earnings on signals. How to sell signa not taking pictures?

From both mailers you can withdraw money to Webmoney, and with Seosprint also money is withdrawn to Perfect Money and Yandex. Money.

Social networks have long been used to make money and sell a signal, this is one of many ways. Learn how to create a Vkontakte group to make a good profit, or read about earnings on Facebook and start making money on social networks, too, it's not that difficult.

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