Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

Experienced moneymakers know that the sphere of adult on the Internet brings a decent income. That is why, there are new groups and sites for adults.

They are monetized in various ways, including through dating sites. In this article we will look at all the directions that are associated with it.

Earnings on sex dating can be different, someone tries to take a hoax, someone enters into profitable cooperation with large projects, and some communicate and get pleasure from it with profit.

All methods must be considered, since in theory they work and bring good profit.

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

Divorce on a dating site - is it worth doing this? There are many schemes of deception, and the most common of them is communication with single men on behalf of attractive girls.

In the process of correspondence, I manage to bind a person to myself, and then unleash it with money.

There are plenty of cases with such deception, beautiful girls are ready for anything, they send candid photos. But at one moment, they ask to send them money. They cite various reasons - deterioration of health, financial problems, and so on.

It’s not hard to invent a legend to fool a lonely man.

On the Workion blog, we don’t consider fraudulent schemes; we’ll only talk about honest ways to make money. Therefore, this option immediately flies away. Yes, on correspondence through dating sites really make money.

However, this is a hoax, and users have already heard about scammers, so they are careful.

Dating site with foreigners for earnings MeendoCash

The network is full of dating sites that are interested in attracting new users. Collaborate with them and get paid for each invitation. The scheme is extremely simple, you find people who will communicate, and you are paid for registration.

An affiliate program is a separate project of a large global website. It meets adults from all countries. You can invite anyone and even where. The remuneration depends on which country the registration is from:

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

Payments are not so big, but plus to this, they give 50% of the money spent on the site. Users are offered a range of paid services, raising questionnaires, gifts and more. As practice shows, some of them are willing to spend a decent amount.

Complete the registration, get a link to attract new members and get rewards. Before you begin work, be sure to read the rules. It is important to know that it is forbidden here:

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

For effective work, partners are provided with banners, galleries, dendings and other promotional materials. With regards to payments, money is transferred to Webmoney and other payment systems, better known in burzhuneta.

Vkontakte - the ideal source of traffic

Without your own website, starting to work with an affiliate program is quite real. For this ideal social networks. There are many communities for adults, some of them have hundreds of thousands of participants. This is your target audience.

It is possible to create a Vkontakte group and unleash it, but it will take a lot of time and effort. It is much easier to use a pack of accounts. You can register them yourself or buy them in the store. Consider buying profiles from other social networks, for example, from Odnoklassniki.

When placing a link on the walls, the pages quickly freeze (checked). The only option is to buy a domain and put a redirect from it.

It’s not an easy thing, so it’s best to just put the link in your profile in the "Website" column. With this placement, the account is not blocked, and the link will be at the very top of the page.

To work in this area, it is desirable to create site-laying. The fact is that social networks block transitions to such resources.

At the expense of a separate site, you will send people to the "white" site, and from there you will be redirected to the sex dating site. Free hosting is useful to you in this matter.

How to attract a lot of users to a dating site?

Back to the use of social networks, because you can really get a lot of traffic from them. You need to start with the registration form. Obviously, it should be female profiles with an age of 18-25 years, with the status "Actively searched" and filled with data.

Be serious about accounts, because they can help you collect traffic for months.

If you register accounts manually, be sure to change the IP (the program

is useful).

Through a pack of profiles, you need to enter into communities of suitable subjects (Wirth, dating, sex, etc.). Use different programs so that the team of your girls is always online.

Also, it would not be superfluous to add other contacts on the pages (mail, ICQ) so that you can be contacted not only on the social network.

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

Professionals use the same trick. They establish QIP and log in via Vkontakte. Then add the rest of the pages as additional, and thus, their profiles are constantly online. It will eat up the RAM on the computer, but will bring many benefits.

Be active from pages, type friends, leave comments in popular groups, put likes.

The fact is that users are more active if the page says "On site / Online". A little trick to use. And of course, your pages should look natural, with a bunch of photos, a wall filled and so on.

The main thing is to emphasize that the girl is actively searching for the second half.

Where else can you invite people to a sex dating site?

People who want to get acquainted for sex are not just in social networks. You can find them in other ways, the topic for adults on the Internet attracts the attention of millions. You have no restrictions on countries, so you can join the foreign Internet.

What traffic sources are suitable for making money on sex dating:

  • dating and sex forums;
  • bulletin boards;
  • Email newsletters;
  • own sites;
  • paid online advertising;
  • YouTube videos;
  • other online dating sites.

Absolutely any options can be used, however, the most often online comments about attracting people through social networks appear. After Vkontakte goes Facebook and Odnoklassniki. The rules are now hard everywhere, so creating new domains (at least with redirects) will definitely be required.

Earn $ 1000 for sex dating per month, is this real?

Affiliate program earnings always depend on activity. If you use only social networks, it is unlikely to achieve such an exhaust. When testing this method, 60 female accounts were used. Time spent a lot on their development, here's the result:

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

Here the important point is that they give 50% of the payments on the site. They don’t pay much for registration, more money comes from payments. By the time these payments are not limited by anything, even after a year you continue to receive income if the invited user spends money.

Over time, profits only increase:

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

Up to $ 1000 per month could not be reached, but only social profiles were used. There are after all other sources of traffic. Like a few years ago, the method remains relevant. Based on the experience - it is better to attract foreign users, for registration goes more and they are more generous (spend more money).

Excellent earnings without investing with other dating sites

Using all the same methods of attracting users to third-party sites, you can earn on regular dating sites. The scheme does not change, in the same way you distribute links and receive money for registration or a percentage of paid services.

Of the most interesting projects, the following are highlighted:

  1. - an old affiliate program, where they pay 35 rubles for a questionnaire now, regardless of gender. With paid services charged 50%. Payments to Webmoney and Poison once a month.
  2. - in comparison with the previous one, a young project. They do not pay for registration, but 50% -70% is credited from expenses. Partners offer to create their sites.
  3. - the most famous dating site, which gives partners 45% of the cost of paid services. On individual conditions are paid and registration.
  4. - 30% -50% are paid from the costs of attracted users. The rate depends on how much the partner merges traffic.
  5. - the maximum remuneration for registration is 80 rubles (depending on the age in the questionnaire). The site is used by Europeans, but registrations are also accepted from other countries.

As an option, think about bringing people to different dating sites in parallel. It is worth trying different affiliate programs to determine where you can get the maximum profit.

As in the case of MeendoCash, it is advisable to hide the ref. links and use for this your own site (domain).

Earnings for girls in sex dating chat

Opening such a serious topic as sex dating, one can not say about erotic chat rooms. In them, girls and guys make interesting shows and get a lot of money for it. Even couples can be registered on the site.

In the settings, cities and countries are easily closed, you will never meet real friends.After registration, you can immediately start broadcasting to collect gifts from the audience or get paid for each minute in a private chat:

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

Working as a video chat model, you need to not only get acquainted, but also actively communicate showing off your body parts. Many people refuse this method because they are afraid, they simply do not know about privacy settings. Perhaps all fears will disappear when you find out how much the models earn:

Earnings on sex dating in affiliate programs

This is the rating of the three models that have earned maximum amounts for the last month. Even if you can reach a stable income of $ 1,000 (60,000 rubles), it will be great.

For such a salary, people plow in three shifts, and you will sit at home, chat and get profit. If you close access from all of Russia, meet and communicate only with foreigners.

Where else can you attract single men?

Services with erotic chat rooms will be useful not only for girls without complexes. They also have profitable affiliate programs. As on sex dating sites, registrations are not paid, but they give a percentage of the money spent. Here viewers spend much more for communicating with models.

Invite men to these sites and earn serious rewards:

  1. - $ 5 each is paid for the registration of the model, up to 25% of the expenses of the audience and 5% of earnings referrals.
  2. - partners receive 25% of the funds that the user spends on the purchase of credits. If you attract another partner, you will receive 5% of income.
  3. - 20% give away from the expenses of the audience, 5% of the model’s revenue or the income of the invited partner.
  4. - the dollar is paid for subscriptions of users, 20% of expenses and 5% of revenues of attracted partners.
  5. - the more you earn on this site, the higher the percentage of deductions becomes (up to 40%).

Representatives of the strong half of humanity who are looking for sex dating will also be interested in video chats. Pay attention, they are paid money and for attracting other types of users. Tell about the work of a web model or about earnings on affiliate programs.

All presented methods are interesting in their own way. However, you always need to think globally. Why not create your own sex dating site? We'll have to deal with its promotion, development and invest.

On the other hand, serious prospects are opening up and incomes will be much higher.

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