Earnings on semantic kernels, site promotion services

Today, the services of optimizers are in great demand, and on freelance exchanges there are very often offers of earnings, for performing certain actions related to SEO. In particular, there are requests for the compilation of a semantic core - a list of keywords.

Based on widespread demand, you can also make money on this, the most important thing is to understand this topic. Making the core itself is difficult , so you can involve other artists to process orders. Got a system? Accept the order and transfer it to the freelancer, after which you take the difference in price.

Earnings on semantic kernels, site promotion services

Website promotion services

Earnings on semantic kernels is an original version for a side job, it's not difficult to use it, and if there is free time, you can do some of the work yourself. This is exactly how promising entrepreneurs should act, processing applications and transferring them into the hands of other performers in order to earn practically nothing doing anything.

In the article How to get to the leading positions of issue, we told about the service. Through it, you can create a semantic core on the machine, absolutely free. It will consist of a small number of words, and most of them you will most likely exclude, however, this will help save time and effort.

Earnings on semantic kernels, site promotion services

Where to look for customers?

Most customers are on the most popular freelancing exchanges, such as. In addition to this exchange, you can use:

  • Freelancejob. ru
  • Freelancehunt. com
  • Fl. en
  • Netlancer. ru
  • Freelance. ru
  • Alllance. com
  • Web-lancer. com

It will not be superfluous to also take advantage of various forums for webmasters, they are often invited to work on the compilation of semantic kernels.

With regard to the search for performers, for this you can use all the same systems that are listed above.

I would also like to advise the search for freelancers on the Wmmail mailer.

A huge number of people who want to make money are registered on this site, and the main advantage here you can find a performer for a small fee. To make a job offer, create topics in the Gazebo section.

How to set prices? You independently set the price for such work , and to get your bearings, look at the average cost of these services on the exchanges. Also do not forget that at the very beginning it will be more difficult for you to search for clients, since your rating on the exchange will not be high.

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