Earnings on selling pass-through links. How to sell links?

Despite the fierce struggle of search engines with sales links, earnings continue to appear on the network on links.

This is not surprising, since search engine algorithms are unlikely to refuse to take into account the reference mass of the resource when ranking. Therefore, you can earn on the links.

Not all owners of donors from whom links are sold are satisfied with their income. How to fix it? Making money from selling pass-through links is an interesting decision. Many optimizers are interested in buying end-to-end links, so finding customers here is not so difficult.

Earnings on selling pass-through links. How to sell links?

How to sell end-to-end links?

First you need to figure out what end-to-end links are. These are links that are placed on each page of the site, for example, in the footer or sidebar. Also, such links are added as one of the menu items and are accordingly displayed on all pages.

I would just like to say that this method of monetization can have a very negative impact on the development of the site, therefore, selling pass-through links, best from the grid of the TOS.

To create a whole network of sites for selling pass-through links, you will have to incur some costs:

  • domain;
  • hosting;
  • content;
  • increasing TIC and PR.

The higher you can increase your projects' puzomerki, the more money you can claim for placing a link. The best way to do this is to use Sape and rent the reference mass.

Where to find buyers for end-to-end links?

Unfortunately, specialized exchanges have not been developed for this, so you will need to use the forums. The best SEO forums are perfect for adding ads, selling links. Also, you can search for optimizer offers on them.

For example, in the mailer forum, there is one of the topics in which the purchase of end-to-end links is offered:

Earnings on selling pass-through links. How to sell links?

For links from TIC sites 10 and with 200 pages in Google index and Yandex, here is offered at $ 10 per month. You can install at least 3 end-to-end links to each resource, and due to this, receive $ 30 per month from each site.

Now imagine that you have 10 such sites, the profit increases to $ 300 monthly. In addition, you can monetize your sites by any other means.

It will take a lot of time to create a network of sites, and if you have start-up capital, you can get down to business right now. Buying a site is the fastest way to get a lot of ready-made resources for selling pass-through links.

Does this entail huge expenses? Let's check through the exchange:

Earnings on selling pass-through links. How to sell links?

With the help of filters, we indicated that a site with a TIC of 10 and at least 200 pages in the index is required. As you can see, you can buy such sites for about 1000 rubles, and from the sale of only one pass-through link, the costs will pay off after 3 months ($ 30 = almost 1000 rubles).

You can also ask for a higher rent or sale price of the link.

Of course, you have to work hard to find those who want to make such a deal with you, but the topic is real. It is possible to create very profitable sources of profit, due to cross-cutting links, and besides, to monetize sites in other ways, in order to isolate maximum profit.

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