Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

Every day a huge amount of actions are performed on the Internet, and beginners do not even realize that someone gets paid for their activity.

For example, search engines take money from advertisers to add their sites to the results for certain requests. People are just looking for the right information, it brings a huge income to search engines.

Passive income on search queries does not bring huge profits, but this project will be useful for beginners.

You need to install the usual extension into your browser so that, at certain requests, the advertisers' sites will open and small rewards will be charged for this. Simply put, you go ahead with your business and get paid.

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

How does Iskal me work?

This project is useful not only for beginners who want to earn some money. He helps advertisers find a target audience. When a user enters a request, it is already clear what he needs. It remains only to send it to the desired site and the advertiser will achieve his goal.

Sites rarely open, payment is small. Even surfing and autosurfing make more money, and even there they offer more often to view advertising platforms.

After the extension is loaded, when entering a query in any search engine, the service immediately checks which advertiser ordered transitions with the appropriate phrase.

If any, the user opens the site in a new tab and charges money for it. If there are no matches, then there will be no changes, you will see the usual search results.

Note, the extension is available to all residents of the CIS countries except Ukraine.

All popular browsers - Mozilla, Safari, Chrome are suitable for earnings. If you use Yandex. Browser, then after installing the plugin, go to the settings and set any default search engine.

Don't dream about big money with this system, it's a penny's salary, but simple.

The manual for Iskal me for a beginner

You do not need to register on the site, you can go straight to. The anti-virus does not swear, the plugin is downloaded from the official app stores. Installing the add-on to the browser will take a couple of minutes, namely you will need to perform these steps:

  1. To demonstrate the tutorial, we will use Google Chrome. An extension from the official store is being downloaded, it has already been checked for viruses and other negative aspects:

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

  1. After clicking on the button, a pop-up window opens, you need to confirm your actions :

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

  1. Now a new icon appears in the line of installed browser extensions. You need to click on it and put a tick to agree with the service rules:

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

  1. Everything is ready for work, from this moment you can start entering search queries so that receive rewards. In the main window there is a button for withdrawing funds, but it becomes available only when you dial 30 rubles. Payments come to Webmoney or phone number:

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

  1. Pay attention to the gear icon. These are plugin settings where it is better to specify your Email immediately. What for? So that when you reinstall the balance is not reset (this is something like registration). You can also choose which search engines are used to analyze queries:

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

  1. There are in the main expansion window and another interesting button “Your friends”. By clicking on it, the conditions of the affiliate program and referral link appear. Invite new members, get a percentage of their earnings:

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

There is enough people who want to make money easily on the Internet, and you can earn a good amount much faster from an affiliate program than from viewing websites advertisers.

In addition, the system appeared not so long ago, many simply did not hear about this extension, for a start, you can place a post with a link right on your wall in social. networks.

I was looking for Mi - reviews

Some people claim that Iskal me is a divorce, but they don’t give any evidence. Positive reviews prevail, but they rarely appear.

Everyone says that nothing has to be done, money is gradually dripping, but with scanty amounts. Therefore, it is advised to immediately start using the affiliate program:

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

On different sites with monitoring extensions for earnings, Iskal me rating is not high. This is due to the small number of advertisers and users.

In the future, the service may be well developed, then advertising will be shown more often, respectively, and users' incomes will increase.

Alternative extensions for browsers

If the idea itself interests you and you would like to receive money for advertising in a browser, it is better to use similar extensions to Iskal me.There are not many of them, they work according to the same principle - they add banners to the sites that you visit:

Earnings on search queries. Iskal me extension

At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all that search engines, forums or social networks. Teaser can appear at any time. A timer is set on it, you wait until the time runs out and you get a small bonus.

To squeeze the maximum out of your browser, install all the quality extensions :

  1. - only this plugin adds advertising in the header of sites. The amount of remuneration varies from 1 to 5. 5 kopeks, and the viewing time is 15-60 seconds. How much you will pay depends on the rating, which rises for activity. There are many withdrawal methods, the minimum amount is only 10 rubles.
  2. - the extension places a banner in the corner of the browser, as shown in the example above. Go to any sites, advertising is added automatically. Payment 1 kopeck, but if you go through it, you get up to 3 kopecks (this is not necessary). In addition, tasks are available on the site (register, join a group, subscribe to a channel, etc.).
  3. - only in this extension, users themselves choose in which area of ​​the browser ads will be displayed. Payment from 1. 5 to 3 kopecks, 4 more pennies are charged for the transition on the banner. In addition, pay for watching videos on YouTube. All popular payment options are available for withdrawal.
  4. - the scanned ad from this extension disappears itself after the timer expires. Pay 3 pennies per view. In comparison with competitors, the service is young, advertisers are not so many. But here, the execution of simple orders is available, and in addition to payment systems, money is credited to the phone.
  5. - the system of active advertising has recently developed its extension for all browsers. The site is popular, there are many advertisers, you can even download the plugin on Android. In parallel with this, you will be able to surf, complete quests and earn in other ways.

Extensions for making money in browsers are quite popular, but they bring little income. It is unlikely that some of them will bring more than 50 rubles a month to those who are not sitting around the clock at the computer. Therefore, they only supplement the income collected in other ways.

Want to make money on the machine? Install the program

, collect cryptocurrencies and exchange them for real money.

The Iskal me extension gets feedback every day, but in almost all of them, users talk about meager income. This is not surprising, these utilities are not able to bring greater profits. On the other hand, you do not need to do anything, but every penny must be counted.

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