Earnings on satellites, the choice of hosting for satellite

The Internet is already crowded with various websites that are being created for various purposes. There is a certain kind of sites that are called satellites. Optimizers create such projects solely to promote other resources.

In addition to promoting your own resource, satellites can be used as a platform for earning by selling links. In order for the profit to be tangible, you need to create far more than one satellite, but several dozen at once.

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Satellites are small sites that are filled with unique content overflowing with external links. Earnings on satellites are quite simple, and you can organize it at any time.

Earnings on satellites, the choice of hosting for satellite

Choosing Hosting for Satellite

When choosing Hosting for Satellite, pay attention to the tariff plans. There are hosting providers that provide the ability to create up to 30 sites on one account, while taking up very little of the disk space. This tariff plan is ideal for creating satellites.

You can create satellites in various ways using a CMS or using only HTML. A significant advantage of using HTML is that the site will not take up much space, and when creating multiple sites, this plays a crucial role. On the CMS, creating satellites, like any other sites, is much easier, but at the same time, you will need to look for hosting that supports the installation of the necessary CMS.

Starting such a business from scratch will not work, because you will at least need to buy domains and pay for hosting. The total cost of creating 30 sites, buying a small part of the content, as well as the initial promotion will be about 20,000 rubles.

Earnings on satellites, the choice of hosting for satellite

What will be the income?

Even if you receive 10,000 rubles a month, this will already be the result. Naturally, the profit will be more, but you need to consider a minimum. It is also worth noting that profits can be increased at least a little by developing the site. If you write 2-3 articles per day on each site, they will slowly develop and this will be quite enough to support the satellites.

Using the earnings on the satellites you can organize a stable job, and replace it with a real one. Considering the fact that time costs are not significant, the income from the satellites can be used as additional.

Try to create some simple sites and fill them with information, after a minimum of promotion and several months of work, you will realize that you are not losing time, but build a reliable asset that has development prospects.

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