Earnings on Sape, selling temporary links

The exchange of temporary links is one of the best services through which you can monetize your site. Hundreds of thousands of webmasters receive money through this exchange, and in some cases income is simply amazing. What did they do to get money with Sape? They created a website, increased puzomerki and installed a special code on their sites.

If you have your own website with non-zero TIC and PR, you can also start earning, you just need to go through a simple registration and add your site. I would like to note that some webmasters specially create websites for making money on Sape, since in this system you can monetize sites on a full machine.

Earnings on Sape, selling temporary links

Selling temporary links to Sape

Earnings on Sape can be productive if you use a popular website. To make sure of this, we present you the statistics of the most active webmasters:

Earnings on Sape, selling temporary links

Please note that all leading webmasters have several websites and sell links from them at the same time. Agree, the daily income of 28 thousand rubles, this is more than a successful profit.

What do you need to earn on Sape?

You can start monetizing your site or create a grid of sites right away, invest in their development and after that you just need to add code and receive monthly payments. How much does Sape bring from rental links? For example, we chose one of the sites:

Earnings on Sape, selling temporary links

As you can see, the site has TIC 10 and PR 2, while the number of pages added to Google is much more, which indicates low quality content . In a month the owner of this site receives on average 5 rubles for one link.

The optimal number of links on one page of the site is two , if you install more links, you can get under the filters of search engines. It seems to you that 5 rubles a month is too little? Let's calculate the total income. Suppose that the owner of this site already surrenders 1000 pages of the site for posting links.

Thus, its monthly profit increases to 5,000 rubles. Now let's take into account that he sells 2 links from each page - 10 000 rubles per month. You must admit that such passive profit cannot be superfluous.

Of course, the links placed on the site negatively affect the promotion of the resource, but after allocating the profit you can remove them, it is not prohibited. Payment for the placement of links is charged daily, due to this, optimizers do not worry that webmasters will remove links.

You can earn money with Sape, and you can make good money if you provide a popular site with a huge number of pages. If you decide to make money through this advertising service, I strongly recommend not to rush, and to provide the site with high TIC and PR, even a significant difference in puzomerka can seriously affect the cost of links.

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