Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

Is it easy to make money on the Internet? Experienced users will answer easily, and beginners will say that it is difficult.

Why? Because they do not know that there are special services for simple earnings. You will learn about one of these services from this material, and you can earn the first rubles in a few hours.

Earnings are no more difficult than working with click-through sponsors. In this system, it is also proposed to browse sites for money and receive income from performing tasks If you work with mailers, then be sure to register on this site so that you have more opportunities.

Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

How to make money on Rubserf?

First you need to register, which is required Webmoney wallet number (how to register Webmoney):

Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

After passing the registration, you can immediately start working. There are several simple ways to choose from that are available on click sponsors. The easiest way to visit sites for money, but this work brings a small income.

But Rubserf differs from analogs in that there are always many sites for available:

Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

Pay attention to visiting some sites pay more than wmmail and seosprint. When you open a website, a normal timer appears, and when time runs out, you have to go through the captcha test:

Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

The funds are instantly credited to the account, and you can go on to view the next resource.

Surfing sites brings little money, but it is easy to use. Therefore, you need to register on all the best mailers.

In order for Rubserf to bring a decent income, earn from the tasks . There are a lot of advertisers on this site, so there are enough tasks. In the section with available tasks a simple list is displayed:

Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

Payment for tasks can be several tens of rubles. To understand what exactly the advertiser needs, click on the job title and study the requirements:

Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

Thanks to the instructions in the descriptions, even a beginner will cope with the task. As you can see, the description also indicates what needs to be indicated in the report. On assignments, you can get a stable salary every day.

Additional income on Rubserf

Browsing sites and tasks is not the only way to make money. This service offers us alternative options:

1. Bonuses There are many sites where you can collect small bonuses directly to your e-wallet. The administration of Rubserf has compiled a list of resources for getting bonuses :

Earnings on Rubserf on viewing sites

You can collect different electronic currencies, and for convenience, the list of sites is divided into several tabs.

2. Farm balls. This is an original way of making money, in which you need to collect pink balls and take part in a special lottery. It is held every minute and only 2 balls of all are winning, and bring the player money. Buying balls is impossible, but you can get them when you visit sites in surfing or reading letters.

3. Affiliate program. By attracting referrals to this system, you can consistently make money, not only from level 1. The referral system brings 10% -7% -3% of the income of attracted users. You can search for referrals using any other projects, including click sponsors Wmmail and Seosprint.

Earned money in this system is displayed on the wallet, the number of which you specify during registration. The minimum amount for payment is 10 kopecks, and transfers can only be ordered on Webmoney.

In the Rubserf system, the basic earnings on clicks, find out how much you can earn on clicks.

Simple ways to earn money on Rubserf are ideal for beginners, and for experienced users this service is useful for ordering advertisements and making money on an affiliate program. Turn Rubserf into an additional source of profit.

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