Earnings on rewriting, how easy is rewriting?

You can earn good money by selling articles for websites, many copywriters who actively use content exchanges have already seen this. Almost everyone who thinks about the use of this type of income, refuse it, and the main excuse is "I do not know what to write about."

For certain you have already heard about rewriting - a way of retelling texts in your own words. At each stock exchange, when adding articles, it is required to indicate the type of text and among the options there is necessarily Rewriting, what does this mean? The fact that rewriting is not prohibited, which means that you can not invent articles, but simply retell in your own words.

Earnings on rewriting, how easy is rewriting?

How easy it is to do rewriting?

Earnings on rewriting can also be successful, in this case you will take not the quality of materials, but their quantity. It takes much less time to re-write an article than to invent a new one. So that you can see this, let's look at a specific example.

For example, let's take part of the text from our article Creative Earnings on the Internet and check it for uniqueness:

Earnings on rewriting, how easy is rewriting?

Naturally, it is not unique, since we copied it. Now we copy this passage of the text in Word and we break each sentence into separate paragraphs:

Earnings on rewriting, how easy is rewriting?

Under each sentence we will make rewriting. Separately, for each sentence, rewriting is much simpler:

Earnings on rewriting, how easy is rewriting?

Now it remains to delete the text that was original and to carry out the uniqueness check:

Earnings on rewriting, how easy is rewriting?

It turned out 100% unique text of 700 characters. We spent no more than 5 minutes on the rewrite of this text, so it would take about 15 minutes to write an article of 2500 characters. Even if you sell it for 50 rubles (20 rubles for 1000 characters), this will be an excellent result.

For an hour you can rewriting 4 articles, i.e. earn 200 rubles. Now to summarize, in 4 hours of active work, you will receive 800 rubles, agree that the profit is more than attractive.

Of course, these calculations are somewhat rough, because you can rewrite a little longer, but on the other hand, you can sell it more expensive. As practice shows, buyers of articles on stock exchanges do not always pay attention to what they are buying (rewriting or copywriting), the most important thing is that the text should be of high quality, unique and free from mistakes.

If you add rewriting keywords, as well as insert pictures, bulleted and numbered lists and come up with the original title, you can quickly sell the article.

A huge number of authors of articles on stock exchanges issue rewriting not only for copywriting, but also for SEO copywriting, and this type of article costs at least 2 times more expensive. Use earnings on rewriting, with the right approach, you can earn good money. You can sell articles on the Advego articles market.

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