Earnings on reviews with Irecommend

Every person has his own opinion about a particular product. Expressing this opinion, you can earn money, because for those who only choose what to buy, it is very important to get good advice.

You can also use such earnings, and by posting reviews on a special website, you will be paid for viewing the article .

Computer components, TV, branded clothing, cosmetics, cars, animals and many other categories of reviews can be found in the system where you can earn on your opinion. Attendance of this resource is huge, so you can be sure that you will have income from the system.

Earnings on reviews with Irecommend

Easy money on your opinion

Earnings on Irecommend feedback is not an advertisement for goods, you can make negative reviews. The most important thing is that all texts should be of high quality, without errors and unique (i.e., not copied from other sites).

To start adding reviews, you will need to go through a simple registration. The form for adding a review is also simple, specify the title, insert the text and choose a category.

And now for the points we will write out the peculiarities of earning with Irecommend:

  • pay 50 rubles per 1000 views;
  • every 30 days you need add new reviews so that the account does not freeze;
  • each review brings money, without time limits;
  • unique reviews of reviews count (your visits do not take into account);
  • volume of reviews 500 characters;
  • photos added to the review must be made by the author;
  • one review must contain information about one particular object;
  • more than 1 account cannot be registered;
  • Withdrawal performed on Webmoney with a threshold of 150 p.

In general, the earnings scheme is extremely simple, but in order to receive good money from the Irecommend website, you will need to make interesting, complete and worthy reviews about the most popular products. In search results, reviews from this site often rise to high positions, and if you succeed, there may be a lot of views.

In addition, views can be increased independently by distributing your link to the review:

  • passing the link to friends and acquaintances;
  • posting on your blog;
  • in the thematic forums;
  • in the signatures of the forums.

As for cheating, it is better not to use it. Spamming and adding links to non-thematic resources is quickly monitored by the administration, and you can lose the money you earn.

Many will say that 50 rubles for 1000 views is not a lot of money and it’s better to open the site yourself or sell texts on the stock exchange.

  1. First, creating a website and promoting it is not so easy.
  2. Secondly, on stock exchanges rarely buy reviews of just 500 characters (and no one will give 50 rubles for them).
  3. Third, by actively adding reviews, you can create a passive source of profit and consistently receive money from all your materials.

Draw conclusions yourself, but the earnings on Irecommend are quite real and many already use it.

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