Earnings on questions and answers to Bolshoyvopros

By asking questions or answering them on the Internet, each user benefits from the development of the site where the information is published.

The more pages the site has and the higher the search results, the more visitors, and accordingly higher advertising revenue.

All experienced Internet workers know about this, but beginners do not even realize that their answer on any forum is capable of making money.

decided in a non-standard way to attract users to your site - they are ready to share the money earned from advertising, with all the authors of questions and answers.

Earnings on questions and answers to Bolshoyvopros

Interesting earnings on Bolshoyvopros

After registering on this site, you will be able to write as many as you like. questions and answers for which they pay money. No, no one will pay you for the text itself, but each page with a question and answer page makes a profit.

Organizers of the Big Question, advertise on the pages of the site and get a profit from each of its views. If your question attracts many visitors, then the income will be worthy. Also, a good profit is waiting for everyone who will give full and detailed answers.

Features of the work of the Big Question

We explained to you the distribution of profits, now we will take a detailed look at what features the earnings on questions and answers have.

Each 1000 page views with a question brings 35 credits (Bolshoyvopros currency). All registered users have their own credit account, which receives money for various actions.

The amount of credits received for viewing is distributed among several participants:

  • 10% to the author of the topic with a question;
  • at least 20% to the participant who left the best answer;
  • 70% are distributed among other authors of qualitative answers.

Credits can be transferred into rubles, which are displayed on Webmoney. To do this, you will need to earn at least 50 credits. The exchange rate depends on your rating in the system:

Earnings on questions and answers to Bolshoyvopros

After submitting an application for withdrawal of funds, within 30 days, the money is transferred to your e-wallet.

What incomes to expect?

It is impossible to give specific amounts, since everything depends on your activity and literacy of the information compiled. If you are at least a little versed in optimization, you should understand that a well-composed question can reach high positions in the search and in this case, will get more views.

Each question can receive tens of thousands of views, but imagine if you wrote a hundred questions and answers, then the profit will be serious. By the way, you can ask any questions, no restrictions:

Earnings on questions and answers to Bolshoyvopros

Using the Bolshoyvopros project is not only an opportunity to make money, but also pleasant communication. The audience of this site is already huge, so you can not just write answers and questions, but maintain full communication with other people.

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