Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

Do you want to secure additional income on the Internet, but not make special efforts to this?

You can register on questionnaire sites and receive questionnaires for which you pay money. You will fill out these forms with any data, you can not even real, and you will definitely pay.

Earnings on questionnaires and surveys are quite common and many use it. Why companies conduct surveys and pay money for this, we have already told, the opinion of consumers is important for them.

And in order to participate in them, you just need to register and your email will periodically receive invitations.

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

Earnings on questionnaires, how does it work?

The mechanism for distributing money is extremely simple. Companies such as Rambler, Pioneer, Tele2 and many others, want to improve services and products. To do this, they need to conduct surveys among consumers.

When you register for questionnaires, you are asked to fill out a large questionnaire. It indicates how old you are, what you do, what interests you have, whether you have a car, if you are sick, and so on. Specify as much data as possible so that your candidacy will interest customers.

After the launch of the survey, respondents are selected and they are sent emails to submit a survey:

Such letters come from questioning sites, from which you can immediately go to the questionnaire. Questions can be very diverse, starting with what you feed your cat, ending with a selection of teas that you often buy:

There are no correct answers here, you share your opinion. The first questions are asked to clarify whether you are eligible for the target audience. If you don’t qualify, then the minimum remuneration is paid, and if you fill out the questionnaire completely, you will receive the full amount (on most of the questionnaires, this is the scheme).

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

Fill out the questionnaires and get money

Turn the passing of surveys into a permanent job will not work, because the questionnaires do not appear so often. Therefore, you need to register on all sites where they pay for surveys. Here is a selection of the most popular services:

  1. . Unlike previous projects, here the minimum amount for withdrawal is 300 rubles and funds can be transferred to Webmoney. You will receive a small bonus for registration, then you will be able to pass a guaranteed survey every day, and you will receive offers with more expensive questionnaires. Here they are much more.
  2. . The advantage of this service is the possibility of authorization through Vkontakte. After registration, you will be given a bonus of 5 rubles, and for each survey they pay from 15 to 500 rubles (more than 100 rubles come extremely rarely). You can withdraw money by accumulating only 100 rubles to your Webmoney wallet or 500 rubles for withdrawing to a bank card.
  3. . It is proposed earnings on surveys without investments. For registration and filling in the questionnaire you will be given a bonus of 80 rubles. Then for the passage of surveys will charge 40-60 rubles. You can invite new participants and receive 15. 5 rubles as soon as they fill out the form. The withdrawal is available from 500 rubles, funds are paid to the phone or Webmoney.
  4. . Earnings on surveys in this system is available since 2007. Affiliate program is not here, so for earnings you can only use the filling of forms. Payments are transferred only to the phone, and for this, the balance should be more than 500 rubles.
  5. The most popular questionnaire, from which you can receive up to 5 questionnaires per month. Payment for the questionnaire is different, on average 50 rubles. The survey topics are different, and for the withdrawal of money you need to dial 1000 rubles. Also, money can be used to receive various bonuses, for example, discounts in online stores.
  6. . From the name of the site it is already possible to guess that mainly automobile polls are added on it. But if you are not a motorist, you can also register. Up to 10 bagels pay for questionnaires, which are exchanged for real money at the rate of 1 donut = 10 rubles. Output can be ordered from 100 bagels (1000 rubles).
  7. . Compared to all questionnaires, this one is the youngest. You can earn money on it only for transfer to a mobile phone account, minimum salary 200 rubles. For registration pay 20 rubles. Unfortunately, only residents of Russia can use the system.

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

Open profiles on each of these projects, and you will receive the maximum number of proposals for passing surveys. Gradually, you will collect the necessary amount for withdrawal, and most importantly, you can fill out questionnaires in your free time.

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

The alternative to making money on surveys and questionnaires

The main disadvantage of all services with paid surveys is a rare supply of offers. Only one questionnaire can come in a month, so you can earn a lot of money here, it will not work here.

If you want more work, use the tests on Seosprint. The method is somewhat different, but you will also need to answer questions.

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money
Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

When you register in the system, go to the tests section through the "Earn" section. There you will see the following list:

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

In tests, you don’t need to share your opinion; here you need to visit the website page, where certain information is presented. You read it (watch the video), then answer the questions. To show an example, we chose one of the tests:

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

As you can see, you need to see the presentation, it lasts a little more than 2 minutes. Be careful, because after that you will need to answer a few questions:

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

All questions are related to the information received, so you can easily answer them. This is not earnings for filling out questionnaires and participating in surveys, but it’s also easy to do. Alternatively, you can also take up small tasks on this site, there are more than 20,000 of them .

Withdrawal is available in several payment systems, the minimum amount depends on the payment (but does not exceed 10 rubles).

Earnings on filling in forms with Wmmail

This book has been working for more than 11 years and during this time paid a huge amount of $ 5. 5 million.

Various tasks are added to it with a small payment. Some of them look like online earnings on surveys. We are talking about orders with the need to register.

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money
Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

There are a lot of such tasks, go through the usual registration and go to the task section. After that, look for suitable orders (you can filter the list by tasks "Reg. Without activity"):

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

Such tasks are paid differently, it all depends on what data you need specify and how difficult it is to register. Selecting a task for yourself, click on the name and see the instructions with the requirements:

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

Under the description and the amount of reward there is a button, click on it and immediately get to the resource where you want to go registration. In fact, this is also a paid filling in of questionnaires, because you will enter different information:

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

You do not need to provide real data, you can think of anything, no one will check your passport data ( nobody will ask them). Then you need to check the job by sending a report to the advertiser. In our example, mail, login and password are required:

Earnings on questionnaires and polls. Poll for money

Click "Send" and immediately proceed to the execution of other orders. The money will come when the data will be checked, but you should not wait for it, just keep working, if you do everything honestly, then the funds will be credited.

It is easy to explain people's interest in earnings on surveys with real money withdrawal. It is easy to fill out questionnaires, but you need to understand that not every day such events are held, and you will not always meet the criteria of respondents, so you need to use alternative options.

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