Earnings on purchases on the Internet with a cashback site Letyshops

Nowadays, Internet technologies present many opportunities to people that greatly simplify the usual everyday life. So, today we can observe the continuous development of the industry of remote employment.

Just a few years ago, earnings on the Internet focused exclusively on the area of ​​monetization of personal websites. At the current time, the situation has improved significantly - developers of profitable web services are increasingly focusing their attention on the needs of ordinary users. Even an unprepared person who does not have professional knowledge and experience can earn money on the Internet today.

Specialized cashback services are designed to save money when buying goods and services in online stores. It is safe to say that such web services are characterized by extremely high rates of financial efficiency in the total mass of modern Internet projects.

Earnings on purchases on the Internet with a cashback site Letyshops

How to make money with Letyshops?

A well-developed cashback service allows people not only to save money in Virtual outlets - it also offers a complete set of tools for organizing effective earnings on the purchases of other users. In the Russian-speaking segment of the global network, web services of this type are widespread relatively recently.

One of the first popular sites was a well-known project, which became a kind of progenitor of the domestic cashback industry. Promotional materials dedicated to this working platform were distributed in large numbers among all popular media networks that unite millions of active users.

Due to a powerful advertising campaign launched in early 2014, the site Letyshops. ru has become the undisputed leader in the list of Russian cashback services. Evidence of the high performance of this site is a statistical information report, posted on the main page of the resource:

  1. for a long period of work, the administration of the service was able to attract more than 3.5 million people to the ranks of regular participants ;
  2. over the entire operating time of the site, participants were paid over 380 million rubles of cashback;
  3. the average amount of orders processed during the week exceeds 240 thousand units;
  4. current number of online stores their business partners as a cashback service, exceeds 920 units.

Thus, this web service is of greatest interest today for the Russian-speaking Internet audience. But how to make money with it? How to get cashback when buying goods in the online store? How to use the features of the referral system profitable site? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in the text of today's publication.

Earnings on purchases on the Internet with a cashback site Letyshops

How the Letyshops web service is organized and what it is for

As a rule, the first user experience about Internet projects is formed on Based on the information provided in promotional materials. As part of the multimedia clips, through which the advertising campaign of the discussed web service is carried out, the main ideological idea is put forward, in accordance with which we can conclude that the site Letyshops. ru is designed to save buyers financial resources.

According to the administration of a profitable project, with its help, users can organize effective earnings on purchases in the largest hypermarkets of the global network. By making purchases on the Internet using this cashback service, a registered affiliate program participant can receive a return profit of 10% of the value of the purchased product or service.

Thus, with each 1000 rubles spent, the site management undertakes to return to the buyer up to 100 rubles of cashback . But is it worth considering this information for the truth? What is the benefit of a partnership between a buyer and a cashback service representative? Let's find out!

First of all, we need to determine the sources of funding for the web site under discussion, because to maintain the continuity of cash payments, its administration needs to have a sufficient level of reserve capital. As many people know, all the key costs necessary for its promotion to the masses are included in the price of the goods subject to further sale.

Thus, the majority of the product range, presented on virtual windows of popular online stores, initially has an additional margin due to mandatory advertising costs.At the same time, individual hypermarkets offer more favorable conditions for trade cooperation - they provide an opportunity to purchase their products at a lower price. To do this, they conclude long-term contracts with special organizations engaged in attracting the consumer audience.

An example of this kind of organization is the service being discussed today, registered at Letyshops. ru . Since the beginning of 2014, the administration of this web service has begun to cooperate with the most popular trading platforms, both domestic and foreign.

In accordance with the partnership agreement concluded between the heads of online stores and a cashback service representative, the latter undertakes to take on the task of attracting potential buyers.

For the provision of advertising promotion services, the heads of trading platforms pay the agreed commission, expressed as a percentage of the cost of goods sold.

Earnings on purchases on the Internet with a cashback site Letyshops

Cashback service representatives themselves use similar principles regarding the development of business cooperation with customers - as a reward for making a purchase using the Letyshops plug-in, the system back participant pays return profit which is set individually for each online store.

Thus, the complete system of operation of this web service can be represented as a sequence of consisting of three main points:

  1. the site administrator concludes long-term contracts for the provision of promotion services with representatives of the largest hypermarkets of the global network;
  2. for each solvent buyer attracted by the project administration, sellers pay a cash reward, which is a percentage of the user's purchase amount;
  3. buyers who confirmed their orders with omoschi service extensions, get cashback from administration - retroactive income that covers part of the cost.

Thus, from the support of such partnerships, all participants in the transaction — sellers, intermediaries, and buyers — benefit. But all this describes the work of the web service only from a theoretical point of view. And what about the situation in practice?

Earnings on purchases on the Internet with a cashback site Letyshops

How to get cashback and make money on purchases of other users

The current version of the site of the project under discussion implies the possibility Earnings on their purchases and purchases of other users. Detailed scheme of earnings in the project is described on the main page. Here is also a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding specific aspects of the work site.

According to the information provided on the official website, it can be concluded that everyone who wants can make money on purchases from Letyshops.

To do this, they need to perform three preparatory steps:

  1. register on the site - this procedure can be performed using a valid email address or a personal page on the social network (currently, there is support for Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google+, Facebook and many others platforms);
  2. to complete the familiarization stage - the newly registered participant is automatically redirected to the training page, which is a complete imitation of the real purchase Vary the online store;
  3. to set up a user profile management options - to ensure high-speed operation of the system is necessary to properly form the filter product categories and specify the desired system-level alerts distribution criteria.

Access to the capabilities of the web service is opened only by fully trained users. Upon completion of the training process, system participants are provided with an alternative to individual choice - in order to gain financial benefits, they can use the cashback service itself or its plug-in, distributed in the network using a shareware scheme. Users can choose the most preferred and convenient option for their work. We will try to consider both approaches as thoroughly as possible.

Earnings on purchases on the Internet with a cashback site Letyshops

To begin with, let's look at the scheme of using the cashback service, which involves working with the official website. In this case, in order to get the return profit, the buyer will have to do the following:

  1. select the goods you like in the online store;
  2. go to the cashback service website and make sure in that the selected trading platform is on the list of supported platforms;
  3. activate the cashback mode and pay for the goods added to the basket;
  4. wait until the order is processed and receive a cashback.

The use of a special service extension greatly simplifies the user's work.Currently, service developers offer ready-made solutions for the most popular computer browsers - Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. To get the return profit in this case, the user will have to do the following:

  1. go to the online store page and, after opening the expansion tab, activate cashback mode;
  2. add the items of interest to the cart and pay for them during an active browser session;
  3. wait until the order is processed and receive a cashback.

Thus, the use of a plug-in greatly simplifies the earnings scheme on the web service under discussion. With its help, it is possible to avoid unnecessary navigation through the sites, because all the information describing the amount of the payment received and the term for its payment is located in this case on the interactive browser panel.

Discussing the capabilities of the Letyshops cashback service, one cannot but mention the current partner program. So, when participating in the service, users can not only save on their own purchases - they can also make profit with high efficiency by attracting new customers to referrals.

The referral system has only one stair level, which can hardly be attributed to its positive qualities. However, this negative fact covers a rather high level of interest rate - the user who invited a new participant to the project will regularly receive a profit of 15% of his cashback amount. For the formation of its referral network, the administration suggests using unique links.

Members of an affiliate program may distribute these links on all advertising sites whose type does not violate the rules of the business agreement. At the current time, the list of prohibited distribution methods includes contextual advertising and spamming - accounts of partners using similar approaches are blocked by service moderators without the possibility of further unlocking.

Earnings on purchases on the Internet with a cashback site Letyshops


Modern Internet services can significantly simplify a person’s daily life. In the text of today's article, we looked at the Letyshops cashback service, designed to save money when paying for goods and services in online hypermarkets.

Today’s web service, which has been successfully developing its activities since the beginning of 2014, offers the possibility of organizing a passive source of income. This means that by taking part in the work of this site, the user can make a profit both from his transactions and those of other people.

Based on the information provided in this publication, you can form a final conclusion that:

  1. the developers of the site Letyshops. ru are intermediaries directing consumer interest in the direction of the product offers of partner online stores;
  2. the cash back service allows you to save up to 10% of the cost of goods purchased on the Internet ;
  3. a registered participant can use cashback in two ways - an official web service site or a special extension for a computer browser;
  4. using a browser extension greatly simplifies working with the service, since all the necessary information With this approach, it is located on the interactive panel of the program component;
  5. system participants can make a profit both from their purchases and from other people’s purchases - the current affiliate program implies a cash reward of 15% of the amount of the invited cashback referral.

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